The Black Dog

I’m not going to write anything about the election. I woke up this morning and everything was just too depressing to contemplate.

Other people are covering it in depth; start at Gateway Pundit and move on from there.

The administration and the Republicans did a terrible job, but they’ve got an uphill battle, anyway, with the entire mainstream media in lockstep against them, and foursquare behind the Islamists. I can’t see any opportunities for change unless the 910 Group can somehow acquire a major media outlet. You working on that, guys?

The Iranians will now get their nukes, and then other Middle Eastern countries will race to get their own. All the corrupt and tyrannical regimes will want to have the bomb, and then it’s only a matter of time until the terrorists have one of their very own.

I think I’ll go back to bed. Wake me up for Armageddon.

28 thoughts on “The Black Dog

  1. To quote Freewheelin’ Franklin, “Armageddon outta here”.

    Hope you’re ready for the “Online Media Fairness and Decency Act of 2007” Re-education camp for all you hateful bloggers.

    At least Chafee lost, so he didn’t have a chance to defect.

  2. I’ve had the Black Dog for weeks, seeing this coming…s’why I haven’t been round so much.

    Still…in a twisted way, I’m an optimist. Armageddon looks to be coming, yes. Not sure whose though. It’s just that all the less lethal, less painful alternatives are being locked off.

  3. Allow me, a mere limey, just this once, to feel real proud. I picked Virginia and the last time I had it right over there was when I picked the homeruns in an Angels game when they were still in Anaheim.

  4. Don’t worry Baron you are in good company Churchill used to use the same expression to describe his periods of depression, which is where I assume you gleaned the expression from. Its the manic part that is important.

  5. Here is two quotes that I think apply to the present mess we are all in.

    “Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody.” Franklin P Adams

    “A whore’s vote is just as good as a debutante’s.” Sam Rayburn

    But I like my Dad’s quote the best.

    “Politicians forget too easy who the hell they are working for.”

    The Repubs forgot that, being in power so long, I guess they thought they were unaccountable to the people who elected them.

    I bet they remember now.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  6. Lighten up, fellas. We lost the House and probably the Senate too. That sucks.

    But do you know what?! That doesn’t change a damn thing. We still have a war to fight. We still have to fight appeasers within our own country and government. The appeasers have gained some strength.

    Fundamentally, the situation is unchanged.

    Sharpen your swords. Keep the powder dry. Be smarter than the bad guy. Get back to your principles of small government, reform, etc. Don’t pander, and make no apologies.

    Remember that to any stoic, despair is the cardinal sin. Stoicism is the warrior philosophy. In this fight, we who speak and we who fight are all warriors. Do not despair.

    And if nothing else, attack.

    “Retreat?! Hell…we’re just attacking in a different direction!”
    -LtGen Lewis “Chesty” Puller upon finding out that his division is surrounded by 6 Chinese divisions in North Korea.


  7. Attack, yes…. but pick your targets carefully and plan your strategy accordingly.

    The Democrats ran on a platform of change, i.e. “we’re not Republicans.” Well, they wanted the lead, now they’ve got it. Everyone’ll be watching to see what they do with it to tackle the tough issues:

    1. Illegal immigration: Put up a fence. No amnesty. Ship those dirty Canadians back to Toronto.

    2. Health Care. Hopefully we can end up with a system as good as the one in Europe. If you think your HMO has wacky rules and restrictions, just wait until the govmint gets in charge. Also, I can’t wait for all those kids to start flocking to med school so they can enter the social health care system as highly trained, respected professionals. After all, respect is so much better an incentive than actual money.

    3. Iraq. Pull out now. Bring our troops home. Iraqis’ll just have to take care of themselves like the Vietnamese did. Or the Bosnian Muslims. Or the Armenians. Or the Hutsis. Or the East Timorese.

    4. Impeach President Bush, not that he did anything illegal–he’s still responsible for global warming. If he really cared, he’d rebuild St Louis. He must hate black people. Besides which, they’ve got to pave the way for President H. Clinton.

    5. Raise the minimum wage. I’m soooo looking forward to seeing the resulting spiral of goods and services. No fair letting market forces determine wages–y’know, if you don’t like the job for the money, get a different job or increase your value to the company. Noooo, let’s let the govmint dictate market decisions.

    So, like any good poker game, the Dem’s won the big pot. Let’s see what cards they’re holding or if it was all a bluff. -cp

  8. With Rummy’s resignation, I am awaiting the impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney. This is going to be ugly before it’s over.

    And then we face the black hole of 2008. These are not “interesting” times, they are dark times, as dark as 1938.

  9. Okay, so the Republicans lost. Truth be told, they deserved to lose. From mass third world immigration, amnesty for illegal alien criminals, and outsourcing, to foreign wars, racial quotas, and NAFTA, the GOP elites have been doing everything within their power to sell out American citizens and destroy American sovereignty.

    The GOP treason on display in the most recent Congressional elections was breath-taking. According to reports, the GOP actually supported Democratic candidates in those districts where the GOP candidate opposed illegal alien amnesty and advocated immigration reform!


    Thanks to GOP treason, Americans are being replaced – economically, politically, culturally, and biologically/demographically. We are losing our own country, the country for which our forefathers fought and died.

    Now that we’re the opposition, we can start acting like it. We should start acting like insurgents and do everything possible (politically, economically, militarily) to disrupt the ruling regime.

  10. Well you do have to hand it to the
    Bush family they can turn gold into

    At least Bush 41 didn’t waste his
    time trying to find a Tom Jefferson
    in the sands of Arabia. He took his
    victory in Desert Storm and let it
    slip from his hands.

    Bush 43 could have quit while he
    was ahead but that born again stuff
    put visions in his head. He wanted
    to be a war president but didn’t
    want to wage war. Big mistake. The
    American public wants shock and awe
    not US troops patrolling Bagdhad in
    a thankless and futile effort to
    keep Iraqis from slaughtering each

    Objectives were achieved when we
    captured Saddam. Iraq verifiably
    disarmed, 1991 ceasefire enforced
    and Iraq finished as a military
    threat. Who cares who governs the
    place. I don’t. Should’ve have left
    the UN to sort that out.

    Just as Israel squandered its aura
    of invincibility in Lebanon so too
    has Bush squandered our superpower
    image by lingering in Iraq after
    our troops came and did what they
    were trained to do. They are not
    social workers or diplomats.

    Let’s hope Bush will not forget his
    promise about Iran. That they will
    not have atomic weapons. If he has
    lost the D.C. political battle for
    now he should remember that events
    can change the political landscape
    overnight and he can still shape
    events. If he hasn’t lost his nerve

  11. The good news is the Islamonuts will only have enough nukes for a few US cities, meaning the best they can do is wake us the hell up.

  12. If I knew how to post little pictures up in the right corner, I’d take that one that ran here yesterday: The beef eating Brit sitting and scowling with a f-u for all. On occasions like this, it’s not a bad policy.

    1938, Dympha? Well, next comes 1940 and we will be standing alone.

  13. Ah, dear friends..
    Let’s face it..this election was a repudiation of Bush’s leadership.It’s a pity so many innocent and good people fell in the carnage.

    His presidency is effectively over.

    What we will face over the next two years is an endless round of suppoenas, investigations, impeachment writs, backbiting and revenge..and the repudiation of even the few things Bush got right about the War on Jihad while our enemies get stronger:

    J O S H U A P U N D I T: The March of Folly

    The joke is that people voted for a change, and by and large voted for a large number of relatively moderate dems..but what they’re not understanding is that control of the committees and the chairmanships will be in the hands of oldline 5th column Leftists, who understand parliamentery procedure and exactly how to manipulate the system for their agenda.

    Never mind..for those of us who see clearly, this is a time to consolidate, to build, return to first principles and to gird ourselves for the struggle and the hard choices ahead.

    We have a great deal of ground to make up, and much to do.

  14. All this talk about Bush’s presidency being over is so much poppycock. I’m reading a lot today. What I’m reading tells me that, historically, these particular midterms always show a very large swing to the opposition party, usually giving them both houses with a workable majority. In historical terms the democrats have barely made a dent this time around. They’ve done badly. The difference is that the MSM is creaming itself over any opportunity to claim that Bush is losing.

  15. Joshuapundit–you are right about the key leadership and committee positions.

    Committee chairman can do pretty much what they want. First comes the initial apportionment of members of congress who can vote on the committees, with the Majority party deciding how many of the minority party congressmen get on each committee and subcommittee; is it 10 members with 6 Dems and 4 Reps or 7 and 3? Then it comes to staff in the new Congress–do the Republicans, now the minority party, get 10% of the total committee staff positions on each committee and subcommittee or 40%–the Majority party decides and this can and does get real ugly. Do staffers from the minority party get the resources–budget, staff, support people, office equipment–to be effective against the majority party. You can bet they will be given the smallest, worst shit-hole windowless basement offices–leaky pipes and rats as a bonus and far away from the main action–that the Democrats can find.

    The Ways & Means Commitee allocates everything from who gets what office to paper clips; its kind of hard doing anything if you can’t get paper or paper clips or phones installed.

    Then there is the ability of committee chairmen to set the agenda, deciding which hearings each committee will hold, who testifies and who doesn’t, who gets to testify in person and who gets shuffled to the end of the day when the press is gone and they may only get to submit their testimoy for the record, etc. etc. Not all hearings are published or published in a timely fashion.

    Then we get to the intricacies of parliamentary proceedure and how the majority party can push its agenda and bills and frustrate the minority party–its goes on and on but, yes, the leadership positions and committee chairmanships are the very powerful key.

  16. archonix,

    That would be the case if we were talking about a normal political off year election but we are not.

    Bush defined his presidency as a war presidency so this isn’t like Hillary Healtcare in 1994 this was a referendum on Bush’s handling of the war in Iraq and he was repudiated. He has fired Rumsfeld and turned Iraq policy over to Jim Baker and Robert Gates. In and of itself that is not so bad. The dream of a democratic Iraq was never going to happen and Bush wasted too many American lives on his pipe dream. The problem is that Bush’s failure in Iraq may well hobble his commitment to prohibit Iran from going nuclear.

    His political capital is gone and unless he is willing to take the steps he must unilaterally without support either from his party or, perhaps, the Pentagon itself it won’t happen.

  17. On the one hand, it does look like

    On the other hand, the moral of this change in the Mandate of Heaven seems to be, “If you act for years like a bunch of bums, eventually people will come to believe that you are a bunch of bums and they will throw you out.”

    In the meantime, I recall Gandalf’s observation about Tom Bombadil: “And now he is withdrawn into a little land, within the bounds that he has set, though none can see them, waiting perhaps for a change of days, and he will not step beyond them.”

    Is that who we are? Because if it is, I know a guy who can get tablecloths wholesale.

  18. The Iranians will now get their nukes, and then other Middle Eastern countries will race to get their own. All the corrupt and tyrannical regimes will want to have the bomb, and then it’s only a matter of time until the terrorists have one of their very own.

    In the past 6 years Bush has identified Iran as approaching nuclear capability and talked fighting words, but done nothing. He has effectively handed the Iran problem over to the Euro 4 and the UN. How exactly does a Dem Congress change matters?

  19. So far, for at least the last four years, we have had a do nothing” congress. Hell, they work around a hundred days a year doing nothing or so close to it, you can’t tell the difference.

    Yes, they got a vote to build a short fence, but have not voted yet to get the money to do it.

    I don’t expect any more to be done in the next two years than what has been done. They will fight among themselves, work a a couple of days doing only that, then go home to their nice houses.

    If I was Bush Jr. I would be pissed off not only because of the congress, the results of the votes but also because it looks like he might not get a damn thing done in the remaining two years.

    Maybe..just maybe he will get pissed enough to do something about Iran, N. Korea and Iraq.

    But, you know at my age, holding my breath till that happens could kill me.

    Who ever said that we need to attack, was right. We need to be as vocal (and other things) or even moreso than them damn wingnut socialist, liberals have been for the last five years.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  20. We now march inexoribly to oblivion. It’s not the GOP’s fault, nor the Dems. It’s the failure of modernity to have the stones to defend itself. Bye Bye American Pie, tra la, tra la.

  21. unaha-closp —

    You are right. While there was still a Republican Congress I was foolishly clinging to a thin shred of hope that somehow somebody will do something about the mullahs’ nukes.

    I was, of course, deluding myself.

  22. They will now pass the amnesty for illegals bill, aka the ‘Abolish America Now” bill. We are toast. 60-70-80 million poverty stricken non English speaking peasants flooding our country in just a couple of decades. We are dead.

    I have been near suicidal all day. Not about Bush, I couldn’t care less about him, but about the good House Republicans who very nearly derailed the amnesty bill and now have lost all.

  23. Adventuress:
    “60-70-80 million poverty stricken non English speaking peasants flooding our country in just a couple of decades. We are dead. “

    Dead? The fight has just begon! The other side is weak. We are just lacking in resolve. That resolve will come, once we feel the pain of repeated defeat.

    And the same is true in Europe.

  24. You’re right, all is not lost. However, the “resolve to fight,” if it recovers, will lead to what I believe will be unprecedented bloodshed and war. There is no other way. Once we start pushing back, our enemies will do everything within their power to retain their ill-gotten treasures. I’m not confident that my fellow white patriots understand just what it will require to take back our countries. To many people, at this point and in these circumstances, the consequences of standing up for themselves, their civilization, and their children are simply unthinkable and unbearable.

  25. I wonder if Bush is going to go for broke over the next two months, then.

    Ah well… probably not. Playing kiss-kiss with Nancy Pelosi doesn’t leave me much optimism for that.

    Incidentally, one of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” being pushed for is “botching the response to Katrina”.

  26. You know what, I’m definitely depressed about it, but can’t say the Republicans didn’t get what they deserved. If they at least lost like men, I could respect that. But they kept tiptoeing around so as not to offend the illegals, not to offend the muslims, not to offend the homosexuals – so they didn’t actually try to do anything or state any issues. I mean, they were even scared to use the word Islamofascism. The No homosexual marriage ammendments passed in 8 states. To bad the republicans were too afraid to run that idea. That would be too negative. Or protection of our borders from illegals as something to run on. Too offensive. Republicans need to first start worrying about getting a spine and only then about winning elections. You know, I’ve had serious doubts about Bush ever since the Supreme Court usurped jurisdiction over how US military personnel fighting in foreign countries treat enemy combatants and Bush didn’t tell the justices to go jump in a lake.

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