Storm Over Europe

I’m trying to avoid contemplating the election debacle, and it helps if I think about countries that have more pressing problems than ours. Take Sweden and Denmark, for example. When your population is 10% or 15% or 20% Muslim (nobody knows for certain), and you have an unsustainably generous welfare state, what’s in store for you?

Our Swedish correspondent LN has this account about a new book about Islam in Danish:

Storm Over EuropaStorm over Europe
Islam — Peace or Threat?

An Anthology edited by Lone Nørgaard and Tabita Wulff

The authors:

  • Poul E. Andersen, cand. theol. og forfatter
  • Mogens Wenzen Andreasen, cand. pæd. og forfatter
  • Kåre Bluitgen, forfatter og journalist
  • Helle Merete Brix, journalist og forfatter
  • Kirsten Damgaard, cand. pæd. psych og forfatter
  • Jørgen Junker Grimstrup, cand. mag. i historie og geografi
  • Torben Hansen, historiker og forfatter
  • Henrik Gade Jensen, mag. art. i filosofi
  • Thue D. Kærhus, cand. phil. og højskoleforstander
  • Britta Mogensen, mag. scient. i antropologi, forfatter
  • Lone Nørgaard, lektor, cand. mag. og forfatter
  • Tim Pallis, forfatter
  • Carsten Ringsmose, cand. mag. og forfatter
  • Kai Sørlander, filosof og forfatter
  • Tabita Wulff, journalist og forfatter

The Danish paper Fyens Stiftstidende gives the book two stars out of five, and writes: “A debate-book about Islam that does not want to debate but only to scold.” (To read the rest of this probably PC write-up you have to pay 15 kroner — which does not seem to be warranted).

The excellent blogger La Kimpolina with the Danish blog Polemiken has a review here of the book Storm over Europe.

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I take the liberty to quote and translate the following:

     Tabita Wulff, one of the co-authors of the book Storm over Europe writes about: ‘Bounds for immigration? Figures and statistics.’

She calls it “The Trojan Horse”, and asks how big an immigration from the third world a country like Denmark can endure, before the cohesion of society is damaged.

Difficult to answer, because in Denmark as in Sweden no demographic registration of religious allegiance is permitted. In the old days it was possible to look up the number of citizens distributed among different religions. Today such a thing is taboo.

It is obvious that the number of Muslims is camouflaged, not for the sake of the Muslims, but in the light of the Danish people’s need to feel secure. And for the purpose that politicians and those in power shall not get questions and protests from the ranks of the people, where a true skepticism is prevalent, writes Tabita Wulff.


The Welfare Reform is dealt with and — according to the Welfare Commission — an average non-western immigrant during a lifetime receives from the state 2.6 million Danish kroner [approx $0.50 million] more than they pay back to society in form of taxes etc. A comparison between Muslims and Asian immigrants (China, Vietnam etc) is made and it is clear the Muslims belong to the problem-heavy end of the spectrum.


The state’s total expenditures have never (neither in Denmark nor in Sweden) been revealed by the state, but unofficial sources of information estimate 30 to 50 billions Danish Kronor per annum. A Swedish economist has tried to work out the costs Sweden incurs from immigration (almost twice as many non-western immigrants as to Denmark) and he arrived at the neat sum of more than 200 billions per annum. [Compare with Gates of Vienna 11-01-2006]


According to an extrapolation made by the demographers of the Copenhagen University, there will be a majority of Muslim citizens in Denmark before the end of this century. What will the consequences be for Danish society and democracy?

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In the well-known Danish paper Jyllands-Posten journalist Paul E. Andersen writes about a related subject, as published in the New Yorker 2006-09-11: “The Moderate Martyr, a radically peaceful vision of Islam” by George Packer.

Andersen opens with the following assertion: “It strikes one that everybody, even those who only peripherally take an interest in Islam, is inclined to boil over with enthusiasm as soon as they hear the notion of the MODERATE MUSLIM.”

Behead the ostrich!This concept has gradually become the straw that consensus-seeking Western Civilization desperately is trying to clutch at, in the hope of escaping or postponing the confrontation that sooner or later will surface between Islam and the ideals of Western freedom.

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    A small and not very annoying “misprint” has slipped in:

    “And for the purpose that politicians and those in power shall not get questions and protests from the ranks of the people, where a true sepsis is prevalent”, writes Tabita Wulff.

    ‘sepsis’ shall be ‘scepsis’

    The thinking was right but the word wrong!


  2. People have been talking about a demographic crisis occuring in Europe in 30 or 40 years when they achieve a Muslim majority.

    For a while I’ve been saying the crisis will occur much sooner, on the order of 5 years. It will happen when the taxpaying Europeans can no longer financially support the welfare state. What is the likely reaction of the immigrant community when they are told that their choices are to work or starve? Right. That’s not going to happen.

    What will happen instead is that the productive Europeans are going to try to flee to where taxes are less oppressive. Look for Europe to turn totalitarian as the ruling elites try to hold off the inevitable for a few more years. When the voters decide they don’t want the welfare state any more, then democracy will end and the masks will come off

  3. Tabita Wulff, one of the co-authors of the book Storm over Europe writes about: ‘Bounds for immigration? Figures and statistics.’

    Does the book try to rigorously calculate the ethnoreligious breakdown of Denmark or anyplace else in Europe? If so, I would like to learn what their estimates are. One hears people carelessly throwing figures around like “Sweden is already 20% Muslim” and so on. I know the CIA estimates that France is about 10% Muslim. And Mark Steyn claims, without any documentation, that among young French the percentage is vastly higher. But the whole issue is shrouded in politically correct obscurity.

  4. back to ERRATA:
    ‘sepsis’ shall be ‘scepsis’,
    or even ‘as a matter of form’…. “skepticism”(US).

  5. Evan, two things happened this week :

    1. The new budget for the state of Denmark set aside $2,000,000 for research on “home-grown” Islamic terrorism. This time for independent and honest research as opposed to the political correct, university-funded type. The project will be funded via the Ministry of Defense.

    2. The current crime statistics is seriously flawed. If asking how many “persons of middle-eastern background” are convicted, it counts only first and second generations, not third. Everybody knows that those “youths” are exorbitantly criminal, even more so than their parents, but they are categorized as “Danes”. This is about to change : The “Danish People’s Party” has proposed to count them in, and the Minister of Justice agree.

    The only thing missing now is statistics on “religion”. A few years back this was OK in all publications, handbooks and even tourist brochures, but now it’s “political incorrect”. Today one can read that 80% of all inmates in prisons are “non-ethnical Danes”, but who might they be ? – Germans ?, Americans ?, Japanese ?, Indians ?, Chinese ?, Vietnamese ?….. Ha !

  6. Re: Papa Bear’s comment – It seems to me that the critical demographic factor (and indeed, the one Islamic supremacist leaders seem most interested in) isn’t the percentage of a nation’s population as a whole that is Muslim, but rather the percentage of fighting-age men. It is that demographic, after all, that will be spearheading any attempt at intifada, and enforcing any shari’a regime, that is attempted in Europe. Jihad, like any other kind of war, is mostly a young man’s game.

  7. Joshua said:

    Jihad, like any other kind of war, is mostly a young man’s game.

    Ah, but the counter-moves don’t depend on youth. The subversion doesn’t, either. These jihadists were trained by old men…they can be routed by the same demographic, if it has the will to do so.

    The problems with the Euros is that the will has been bled out of them…like the Dems want to do here…only our rebellion is bred in the bone. It will be ugly, but it won’t just be young men fighting back

  8. The demographic problem is not so catastrophic as it apperar.

    First, muslims in Europa are poor and mainly young and uneducated.
    These do good warriors, but bad soldiers.
    In case of internal war, the economy will shut off, so will not be able to feed.
    What will they eat without money?
    How do they combat without money to buy arms?
    They could be able to obtain light weapons, but the heavy weapons system (that multiply the effectiveness of the forces on ground) are costly and are in the hand of the state.
    Do you remember Budapest insurrection?
    They put it out in a few day, with tanks and without scruples in a couple of weeks.

    If you look at the kill ratios in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are, at worse, 10:1 and at best 100:1.

    Adding to this, the population lifespan, and the health and abilities of the old are growing in the world, so the people that today is around 60 is able as much people around 40 during the last WW.
    Our religion is the religion of technology. Their is the religion of merchant beduins. The Religion of Technology: The Divinity of Man and the Spirit of Invention: Books: David W. Noble

    The rate of technology evolution is growing fast and faster will be in the next years: look at the Kurzweil Law of Accellerated Returns.

    If real war erupt in Europe, I would bet good money that robotic weapons will be used, and robots will supplant poor skilled muslims. And no man in the loop to control the robo-soldiers when they are in the killing zone.

    If you want look in the future, look at the or other transhumanist groups / organizations.
    They are preparing too, for another part of the future.

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