No More Tantrums

No Tantrums!Pim’s Ghost has posted an excellent video on YouTube (also posted on her blog). She’s collected a lot of iconic Islamofascist images and interspersed them with textual commentary.

Readers will want to drop by and watch the whole thing. You’d also do well to visit one or more of her blogs. She’s prolific, articulate, and photogenic — what more could you want?

Some of us are old enough to recognize the soundtrack for the video, which is quite a surprise.
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Are we not men…?

9 thoughts on “No More Tantrums

  1. Baron and Dymphna, I will view video as soon as I take you up on your generous offer to let me link here from time to time. I know a lady named Brigitte Gabriel and have posted an entry about her, Brigitte Gabriel – A Woman of Truth. She is Lebanese Christian and had recently had a book published, Because they hate. I will not tell her story but I will say that she knows where of she speaks. She has lived under the brutal tyranny of Islamofacism in Lebanon. Brigitte of course is not her real name as she has had death treats and lives (in United States) with the threat to herself and her family. She is so passionate about this struggle, she deserves a look. I have also linked at my blog to her organization. I have no financial interest in her efforts. I have heard her speak and her story is pure truth right down to straining water through tattered panty hose to get water for her family to drink.

    Thanks for letting us use the Gates as our sounding board and as a place to meet kindred Souls.

  2. The question is, given that YouTube has censored both Michele Malkin and the Jawa Report today, how long will this video be allowed to stay up? Better watch it quickly….

  3. Thanks so much for the link. The YouTube issue is getting more and more murky. I just wrote about it on my site and on the IBA, so hopefully the truth will get out more and more. I’m just glad that Malkin is involved. Many of us not-so-famous folks have been on this issue for months, but there has been little help.

    Oh, and just in case, I uploaded it to iFilm as well, so it won’t go away. If they get me for anything on YT it’ll probably be using music without permission, even though that is YouTube’s bread and butter. But then they never really TELL you why you get your video pulled.

    Ah well, call my videos student films. I’m learning. My next one is to be a joke between another YouTuber and myself and completely goofy. But this one is showing up (due to the tags) alongside some of CAIR’s Bedier videos, so CAIR is actually upping my visibility. Until they notice that they are photoshopped into nuns in the video, then they’ll probably have it yanked. Oh well, best I could do. I’m staying on this one like a hawk, I may get to sleep now only because YT is down for maintenance.

    Thanks again for the link! I think it goes well with our “putting our foot down” project. That was my intention, at any rate, to make a video expressing our feelings on that matter. And despite it all, I even reciprocally subscribed with a goofy Turkish user on YT today. Some of the Muslims are more angry at these protesters than we are. Think about it too, it would be embarassing.

    Night night and sweet dreams, Baron and Dymphna! I feel like we haven’t talked in ages. I missed you guys. 🙂

  4. tmngz
    In the new National Review “This Week” section, the fist entry is simply, “Could someone just provide a list of things that DON’T provoke Muslim rage?”. I love it.

  5. We have no option but to engage Islaam militarily. They have put our backs to the wall and they will not desist. They have not only shown their commitment to continue trying to effect total world hegemony, but they have also displayed an absolute refusal to any dialogue that includes a diminishment of that effort.

    Or, we can decide to submit to Sharia. That is the only alternative that they offer in place of war.

    War means significant, preemptive nuclear engagement involving enormous loss of life. Converting to Islaam, or accepting Dhimmitude, is essentially a return to the Seventh Century. Personally, I favor war.

  6. OK, the video has hit the lists on YouTube, thus attracting more attention by the “easily offended” folks. It won’t last much longer. If you want to take part in the slaughter that I know will take place, go blast those commenters on the site itself, here. I feel like it’s one of the last stands over there.


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