7 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. Lets not forget to thank that sanctimonious twit, Jimmuh Carter, for the present situation.

    But actually, It’s all W’s fault. Remember this quote?:

    “They couldn’t do that when George Bush became president, and now they can,” Mrs. Clinton complained to the New York Times.


    They probably left a detailed plan for dealing with N Korea, right on top of the detailed plan for defeating al Qaeda, and those dopey Bushites wrapped their lunches in them.

  2. vermontaigne,
    Awesome Carpenters reference.

    Let’s play!

    The rook…of rove…is in…your eyes

    Yoooou right up my rife…

    Iiiiii wir arrays rove yooooou-oohoohoohooh…

    Err…is for the way you rook at me,
    Oh…is for the onry one I see…

  3. Well, since my baby reft me,
    I found a new prace to dwerr;
    It’s down at de end of ronery street carred Heartblake Hoter…

    I’m so ronery, baby,
    I’m so ronery,
    I’m so ronery I courd die.

  4. This is exactly the same stupid American b*tch who posed (seated) with Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak (or some other Arab henchman) wearing a miniskirt, when aged about 60.

    Can you purrrleeese do the world a big favour and stop appointing your string-of-pearls, extremely liberal women, to head your extremely Liberal and incompetent State Department?


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