Two More Egyptian Students Arrested

MSNBC and the Morris County (NJ) Daily Record are reporting that two more of the missing Egyptian exchange students have been arrested in Manville, NJ. According to the Daily Record:

Two of 11 Egyptian exchange students who failed to report for their college program in Montana after entering the United States surrendered to police in New Jersey on Wednesday, the FBI said.

“In response to hearing in the media that they should turn themselves in to the nearest police station, they did just that,” said Steven Siegel, a spokesman for the FBI’s Newark office.

The students are not suspected of any link to terrorism, he said. They turned themselves in at the Manville police headquarters.

And then, from MSNBC, the government-mandated mantra:

The missing students pose no terrorism threat, Kolko said.


Minneapolis FBI spokesman Paul McCabe said the FBI remains “extremely interested” in interviewing the other Egyptian students.

I’ll bet it is.

Update: Commenter heroyalwhyness points out that the Northeast Intelligence Network has photos of all eleven students. They seem to be passport photos.

Hat tip: Exile.

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