The Right Turban for Hitler

Update: Thanks to our knowledgeable commenters and the links they supplied, I have what I think is the final word on Hitler’s turban. Check out the revised image and see what you think.

Call it “What the Well-Dressed Islamo-Nazi is Wearing”.

Heil Allah!Commenter Mihir Shah informs us that the the turban I used for Hitler and Himmler in my last post was in fact a Sikh turban, and might confuse our readers.

I knew that the Shia wear black turbans, and that’s why I chose it, so the difference must be one of style. I have switched our Nazi friends to white turbans of a slightly different style.

These new turbans are probably not correct either, and I hope our readers will give me more feedback. Maybe I can keep adjusting them until they definitively resemble standard Muslim headgear.

Remember: Allahu Akbar — It’s The New Sieg Heil!

22 thoughts on “The Right Turban for Hitler

  1. baron. I want to request u to pls remove the turban from this photo.

    The nazis abused the swastika- a ancient hindu mystical symbol by turning it into a crooked cross and placing that symbol all over the place while committing their heinous crimes against humanity.

    and now if the same is done to the turban usually worn by sikhs who are very peaceful, hardworking and also very brave and honourable warriors. they might be mistaken for islamic terrorists and might become a victim of hate crime.

    The average joe on the street certainly cannot make out the difference between a arab headgear and a sikh turban.

  2. Baron, the turban style you are looking for will be found amongst the Pakistan population, typically Northwest Frontier area. Think of the style used by the Taliban: there is a piece left hanging down on one side of the head.

  3. I don’t think I’m being picky by reminding/preaching to the choir that our enemy is broader than turban wearers. It also includes westerners adorned in high-fashion thug vestiges. And the european youths etc. Infact, arent the turban wearing populations almost done being harvested for 2006?

    Islam assimilates all matter of crops. I love the slogan, but I think there’s gotta be a better way to illustrate it. Why not just use a nazi propaganda poster that has seig heil on it and do it up in psycho islamic colors?

    as in here

    The high fidelity between those propaganda tactics and that of Islamists today are obvious. There’s even a few posters in there that invoke Germany’s liberation of “occupied” territories. my $.02

  4. Someone here descibed the person in the black uniform next to Hitler as Hermann Göring. He clearly is not. I’m pretty sure it’s Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer der RSHA (Reichssicherheits Hauptamt).

    Stylish turbans or not, no one is in doubt. Just like the dreaded Motoon with a lit bomb in the turban.

  5. I think that you find out that the gentleman, who was certainly no gentleman, is Ernst Roehm. He was in charge of the S.A. He was a notorious homosexual. Hitler feared his power and had him dragged out of his lovers bed by the SS and executed the night of the long knives in 1934. I think the picture was taken in 1932 at one of the street rallies Roehm used to organise. Himmler by the way, was a failed chicken farmer, while being a nasty piece of work, compared with Roehm was a pussy cat.

  6. Yorkshireminer – yes, it does look like Röhm. Another thing about Himmler being a failed chicken farmer: he couldn’t stand the sight of a chicken being slaughtered; and though he probably didn’t have the exact same feeling on seeing the Einsatzgruppen do their work, he made the move from that toward an industrialized, out-of-sight method of implementing the Final Solution–the gas chambers.

    More related to this post: turbans are just as associated with Hindus and Sikhs as with Muslims (and, by the way, the chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel wears one too). A kuffiyeh might be more useful, but it’ll bring those charges of “racism” again (so you decide if you care about it or not). As far as I have read, even the crescent wasn’t there as a symbol of Islam from its beginning.

  7. Baron, except for misspelling “colonization”, I think I’ve got it. Thank you. Will be back to read later in the day. Gotta get my Gates of Vienna fix.

  8. I assume y’all are talking about the second guy I put a turban on. It’s Himmler, who was a chinless wonder like Boy Assad. I got the photo here, and the caption says:

    Adolf Hitler salutes SS troops on parade in Nuremberg while SS Leader Himmler (in front) watches.

  9. Thanks, everyone, for the turban-related links. I am busy looking at them now, trying to find one which has the right angle & lighting to be shopped onto Der Führer’s head.

  10. Is that a German visor peeping out from beneath Himmler’s turban? Neither Muslim nor Sikh turbans have visors. Now you’ve moved on from Sikh turbans to the turbans of Napoleon’s Dragoons. I’m not sure that’s classified as “warmer”…

    “The uniform of the Dragoon consisted of…a sealskin turban, black leather visor…” see: wikipedia Uniforms of La Grande Armee

  11. ScottSA —

    It was too much trouble to get the visor off Himmler’s forehead, so I put the turban on over his military cap. I’m sure Allah won’t mind.

    Notice the officer behind Hitler also has his cap on under his turban…

  12. Since they’re wearing so many hats, lately, could we see one picture of Adolf and Himmler with dunce caps?

    (No crescents and stars on them, though, even if Islamically-apropos, because then they’d look too much like a cartoon wizards’ headgear.)


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