The Carnival of Homeschooling

The GoopsThe Head Schoolmarm herself is hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling this week at the Common Room. I had a quick look-see, and there is a lot of material there to interest a homeschooler, or even a curious passer-by.

A couple of samples…

The Mournful Cry of the Laundry tells the story of “Why We Decided to Homeschool” — the politically correct version. The family is in the process of attempting to adopt a three-year-old child, and the would-be adoptive mother had to figure out a politically acceptable explanation for homeschooling children, one that she could tell the adoption case worker:

We have many, many reasons for homeschooling. Even with a “special needs child”, which every child adopted from foster care over the age of three is considered to be, there are many good reasons for homeschooling. Simple avoiding the stigma of being in a special needs class room is a good start. Of course, there is also the fact that learning can be tailored to the child’s particular interests and learning style. You homeschoolers know the benefits — this is just preaching to the choir.

What I needed, however, was a politically correct version of why we chose to homeschool. Something that wouldn’t put off a person who wears school colored eye glasses. And I needed to come up with this statement quickly, as I was on my way to speak to Barbara [the case worker] when I got her message with this question from my cell phone.

Go over to her post to find out what she told the case worker.

Naturally, I had to look in on a math-related post. One Big Family covers an important topic: Math without tears:

Also, even though you may not have had a great experience with math as a student in school, teaching it to your children may open your eyes to all the enjoyment you missed. When a person is in a classroom, the teacher moves ahead, no matter whether you have grasped a concept or not. At home, you can take as little or as much time as you need. It is amazing, but as you teach you find that you understand more than you ever thought you did, and you actually begin enjoying it, because you feel you can finally do it well.

Amen to that. There is nothing more satisfying than truly mastering a mathematical skill, and teaching math to a child can help you do that.

The Future Baron Bodissey was homeschooled, and his father/teacher had been a math major. Needless to say, the boy learned his math! Maybe not entirely without tears (and some of them were even his own), but, by gum, he learned it!

Get over to the Carnival, and learn more yourself.

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