Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

the wages of sin is…monsters

A reader sent this (need I say “photoshopped?) image…seems that al-Reuters’ now-suspended photographer missed the best part of his picture. His incompetence is worse than we expected.

Look for Hezbillah on the right. Perhaps he is assessing the situation.

Maybe he’s their mascot?

9 thoughts on “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  1. so how wonderful a day, the reuters jew haters have been caught with their pants around their ankles and that aint a girlfriend they were screwing with…

    oink oink el hezboolah shill…

    you suck, hezbollah sucks and yes iran’s shia leaders suck…

    i got some pork rinds for ya!

  2. Again and again and…again:
    The left and their poodles, the media are the enemy we must first defeat in order to win this war.
    Their combined efforts are crippling the efforts of the West to fight back.
    We’re trying to fight a war against an enemy even more barbaric and merciless than the Japanese of WW2 with one hand tied behind our back, paralysed by the whole touchy-feely pc rubbish that has been allowed to infect the West.
    Which means we’re losing.
    This war won’t be won or lost on a conventional battlefield, it will be lost right here at home at the ballot box. Right now the troops from the U.S. Britain, Australia and Canada are dying for nothing because there simply isn’t the political will to do what’s necessary and do the job properly. We’re fighting a rearguard action until the left can arrange a dignified surrender.
    If Israel-a tiny democracy that would willingly live in peace with its neighbours, given the chance-isn’t worth standing up for then what the hell IS?

  3. This doctored picture should serve as a reminder that we are not only is in a shooting war, but even what I call a cyber war when even a software program, Photoshop which has many good uses gets used and abused for propaganda purposes to try to fool us bigtime. But the wool will not be pulled over our eyes.


    (I always knew that’s what he looked like!)

    Thanks for cheering up a dismal period in Mideast (and journalistic) history.

  5. Actually, I like the name “Hezbilla”…kind of evocative. THough I must admit yours is clever.



    Yes, it is a photoshopped picture of an already photoshopped picture. The second clever fellow put Hezbilla in, just for laughs.

    IOW, this is photoshopped squared.

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