Have You Ever Seen a Dead Man Sweat?

Gateway Pundit has a wonderfully revealing post on the fauxtography coming out of Lebanon. The dying scene, which occurs in two of his photos, is worthy of Shakespeare.

Sweaty Death

A set-up scene is worth a thousand earnest essays on poor Lebanon. In fact, this here particular picture is priceless, especially if you go over to Gateway Pundit and look at the whole series. For a dead guy, he sure is a busy little bee.

Note the hat squashed between his arm and body. He obviously had to stick it there quickly for the post-mortem pose, but you’ll see him wearing it in other photos as he scrambles here and there.

Cause of death? A terminal case of taqiyya.

Hat tip: Tom Pechinski.

10 thoughts on “Have You Ever Seen a Dead Man Sweat?

  1. This is the tipping point, I think. When people realize that the very images they see are lies, then the Left in America will have lost their major means of persuasion. This won’t go away; it will be the media equivalent of the fires that burned for three months in the wreckage of the WTC. In the words of Veni Domine, fall, Babylon, fall!

  2. I can’t walk through a construction site where they’re sawing and not get covered with building dust. Yet this exquisite corpse can be fresh from the shower clean after going through a building collapse (observe the dust in the air in the background). Having seen building detonations, I can tell you that you end up looking antiqued just from being within a city block of the place, much less allegedly at the epicenter of the collapse. Also, wouldn’t his head be totally tilted back, drawing his mouth open into a “death scream” posture? Gravity – it’s not just a good idea; it’s the law… And the tension in the muscles around the left knee, as he strains to keep himself braced off of the real, jagged debris that he drew the short straw to have to lie upon.

    p.s.: antiquing is a prank where you dust flour over an unsuspecting friend while he’s napping, and he looks like an antique marble or plaster bust. Then you all have a good laugh, if he doesn’t get up in a bad mood and beat your butt.

    p.p.s.: the depressing part is that we-sums in the pro-US, pro-Israel blogosphere seem to be the only people who are in an uproar over this fakery. The general public may find it intriguing if it’s pointed out, but they’re not offended by it.

  3. He has seen too many western pictures, otherwise he wouldn’t drape himself so artistically over the rubble. i give him a 9 for composition. The only problem is that he needs a good make up artist

  4. I saw him driving a film crew around in his red crescent ambulance. I swear it’s the same guy. (On sky news)
    Check his actors union card, willya?

  5. These digital cameras are superb for this – you can delete images you want to hide and photshop images you want to invent; and of course you can Email them to be captioned and colour them anyway you want…………..this is truly virtual reality

  6. That’s not sweat, its coppertone. He was sunbathing when struck down by the hienous heebs.

    Hence the bathing trunks…they certainly can’t be explosively remodelled pants, because only in “The Incredible Hulk” do pants shred just so in such a way as to leave the naughty bits covered. Besides, one would think that a force powerful enough to shred pants might leave just a bit of damage on the legs from which the pants departed, no?

  7. Come on, be fair: his makeup is great, and he’s buffed and beautiful.

    The only thing I have to criticize him for is holding his hat under his arm while he plays dead.

    I know, he was probably afraid if he let go of the hat one of his friends would run off and play with it and he wouldn’t get it back all day.

    But dude, people who are really dead don’t do a casually tragic pose while they hold their hats under their arm, ready to re-hat as soon as the photo is taken.

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