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The Muslims of AmericaWe have posted frequently on the seemingly innocuous religious organization, the Muslims of America, and their jihad wing, Jamaat ul-Fuqra. CP and I have repeatedly emphasized JF’s habit of forming security companies as a tactic to further the group’s shadowy goals.

The Politics of CP has posted a new exclusive investigative report today about a security company called EPAI Protective Services, Inc. (Executive Protection Academy International), which is associated with the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound Madinah in Georgia:

It is known that one of the modus operandi of Fuqra cells has been the operation of security companies. They are a means to earn easy money for the organization. They can also provide privileged access to facilities, information, and weapons. Fuqra is currently known to operate security companies in NY and VA. They had done so in Colorado years ago until their compound was raided and their cell was broken up. Operatives of Fuqra’s security companies have been known to conduct brazen surveillance of various targets…

EPAI provides security for several locations in the Atlanta area including a trucking facility and a closed-down Ford plant. A search of the Hoovers business database indicates the company has six employees and sales of $100K. A subsequent search of Georgia security licenses connected to EPAI yielded six names.

The EPAI website tries to suggest the company is larger than records indicate. They claim to have an extensive domestic and international network.

CP points out the alarming proximity of EPAI to Atlanta Airport, which is one of the largest hubs on the East Coast.

In his commentary he says this:

In the world of modern jihad, most of today’s American Fuqra operatives are nothing more than street thugs on the hustle. However, it must recognized that there could be deeper-level covert operatives in the group involved in more serious activities. In Pakistan, Fuqra is known as a jihadi organization. In the U.S., they are rarely even acknowledged. Yet, the organization has existed here for two-and-a-half decades and many of its basic practices have not changed. They have simply shifted geographically and have become more adept at passing themselves off as moderates. The fact remains that their leadership continues to maintain peripheral if not direct connections to known terrorists and terrorist groups.

The infrastructure that Fuqra has established has taken time to assemble. Originally established as a militant organization, you can bet the network that has been built will be exploited to support militant activities, either directly or indirectly. Support activities can take many forms, including the providing of false documentation, safe houses, financing, training, weapons, logistics, security, surveillance, personnel, etc.

Back in the 1980s, when Jamaat ul-Fuqra was first building up its networks in the US and Canada and acquiring its criminal recruits, it was almost brazenly violent, running guns, blowing up Hindu temples, and assassinating its enemies.

Sometime towards the end of the decade, however, the group quieted down. The reasons for this remain speculative, but one rumor says that Sheikh Gilani, the group’s founder and emir, became alarmed at his subordinates’ activities, and reined them in to protect his long-term plans.

Jamaat ul-Fuqra does its recruiting in America’s prisons, so its adherents tend to be functionally indistinguishable from common criminals, except for their observance of Islam and the transfer of 30% of their income to Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan.

They run guns and engage in fraud and money-laundering. They set up security companies, which gives them a legitimate excuse to acquire weapons and surveillance equipment. Think about these fellows, moving in and out of banks, carrying cash in armored cars, setting up video surveillance cameras for their customers…

It may be that the Sheikh is content to be the emir of a lucrative criminal enterprise, and, much like the leaders of the IRA, has metamorphosed from a revolutionary terrorist into a Mafia don.

But I wouldn’t count on it. I hope the Feds are watching these guys very, very carefully.

9 thoughts on “Another Jihad Security Company

  1. Baron:

    OT, but important.

    Dymphna and yourself have been stuanch defenders of Paul Bielen and Brussels Journal.

    Instapundit brought up his plight, it has now spread to National Review:

    This attempt to silence Paul now has the potential to see Belgium shame itself to millions of people in America who read or listen to alternative media (and on planet Earth, alternative media is conservative media).

    Here’s to hoping that the Belgian government gets a good proverbial kick in the backside for this.

  2. Back on topic, al-Fuqra is not even on the FBI watch list as far as I can ascertain.
    I blogged on them yesterday, and got no response from all the 20 odd american visitors to my site.
    Are they all equally as unknowledgeable about these islamic evil-doers as State Department spokeswoman Rhonda Shore, who handles counterterrorism issues, and said she had not even heard of al-Fuqra?
    What the hell is going on?
    Read my blog and follow the link.
    I’m baffled.

  3. In America convicted felons are not allowed to own guns, so if these ‘security companies’ are using convicted felons and providing them with side-arms and long guns as part of their work, I think they’d be quite vulnerable to their business licenses being revoked. A simple phone call to the local sherrif should produce good results.

  4. To Mark,
    Convicted Felons can own firearms and vote, provided they go through all the hoops and stay out of trouble, and pay an attorney big bucks to get it done.
    And, after even more time, they can have their record expunged or sealed.
    As for this activity, I see a pattern, and it smells rotten.
    I’m just glad some people are shining a light on the problem, and as one of my firearms instructors told me, hold the light away from your center of mass!!!

  5. How many detonators can all those nefarious trac phone sales to ME males produce?

    Remember the IED’s at Beslan? There are reports

    that the detonators were wired with pre-measured lengths of wire indicating insider access to specific school details prior to the massacre.

    Jihad security – uh,huh.

    The first days of school are upon us. Should a single hair be touched on a childs head in this country . . .all bets are off.

    Mohahmmeds history will be erased.

  6. You’ve got to be kidding me? This one is an absolute bomb waiting to blow up. These people are running security services?

    Something is very, very, very wrong.

  7. Today I heard something on NPR that
    set my alarm bells ringing. It is a
    part of the “No Child Left Behind’
    program. Apparently there is a huge
    pile of money set aside for beltway
    bandits to provide ‘tutoring’ to
    ‘disadvantaged’ children.

    Now what does this have to do with
    Jammat ul-Fuqra? Well I don’t know,
    maybe nothing but I recall that the
    Nation of Islam was given contracts
    to provide ‘security’ at public
    housing projects some years ago as
    a way to dip their snouts into the
    public trough.

    The NPR report mentioned that at
    just one high school in Los Angeles
    some 67! companies were seeking
    contracts to provide ‘tutoring’ at
    this one school. Maybe someone with
    the time should see if the JuF is
    involved in this scam.

  8. This is nothing short of shocking, and I know exactly what Ford plant they are talking about. It’s right by the only major highway system that links all of Georgia to Atlanta.

    Not good.

    I look forward to hearing more of this story.

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