“This Is a Test of the Free World.” You Will Be Graded.

From The Debka File:

The 69,000-member National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (NATFHE) voted Monday, May 29 to boycott Israeli academics who refuse to condemn the their government’s “apartheid practices” towards the Palestinians.

The motion was carried at the union’s annual conference in the British town of Blackpool by 106 in favor and 71 against, with 21 abstentions in. It was termed “advisory policy.”

The union acted in response to a pressing demand by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, which hailed the vote as a victory.


The decision calls on union members to consider if they should refuse to cooperate with Israeli academics or Israeli research journals that do not “disassociate themselves” from the policies described in the motion, namely “alleged “apartheid practices” including the construction of a wall between Israel and the West Bank.


After the motion was carried, the British government merely expressed regret at the boycott decision as “counterproductive.”

Haifa university president Aharon Ben-Zeev said his institution would continue to cooperate with colleagues and friends in Israel, Britain and around the world in an effort to defend the principle of academic freedom and fight the boycott.

Four NATFHE members: Derek Meyer of the University of Westminster, Leslie Bash of Anglia Ruskin University, Paul Langston of Aylesbury College, Stephen Soskin of Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, and 599 more academics worldwide accused the union of following the traditions of McCarthy in the US and the anti-Semitic purges in communist East Europe.

In a letter to The Guardian of May 27, this group of academics describes Israeli universities as “among the most open and anti-racist spaces in Israel” with large numbers of Arab students and teachers.

The Anti-Defense League’s director Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, described the union’s vote as a stunning setback for academic freedom.” To blacklist the only democratic country in the Middle East, {in the only state} where scholarship and debate are permitted to flourish is profoundly unjust…”

“Unjust” doesn’t begin to describe this action. It is so narrow-minded as to defy full comprehension. The hatred and projection behind this move calls to mind the beginnings of a new Kristallnacht .

Academia is sinking to new lows, so far beneath the moral horizon they are hard to even see anymore. Where is the outrage against the Middle East oligarchies who keep slaves? Where is the moral uprising against the way women and children are treated in Palestine? Where is the indignation about the morally depraved primers Palestinian children are taught to read, depicting the apes and pigs across the border? AND WHAT ABOUT HAMAS? Have too many conferences, reading unintelligible academese unglued the bunch of you? Is it the paper fumes that are responsible for this latest demonstration of moral stupidity by mental idjits? Have you no shame?

Oh, wait a minute here…compare the number of British Nobel Prize winners in science with the number of Jewish Nobel prize winners…hmmm. Do you think this might be a case of educational envy?

Britons: protect your children from the “teachers” of “higher education” currently loose on your small, precious island. Those teachers are trying to poison your children’s minds.

Queen Elizabeth, where are you??

By the way, the Debka story was third or fourth in the Google listing. Guess what was first? The Palestinian News. Now why do you suppose Google’s impartial and random algorithms did that? And why do you suppose Google, which likes to decorate its logo for all the holidays, managed to forget to put out the American flag for Memorial Day? Do you suppose they took the day off and just forgot? Me, too.


1. From Israel National News:

In an appeal to the international community, NRP Knesset member Zevulun Orlev wrote to parliament members in Britain, France and Germany to demand they join with Israel in condemning the action. Orlev, chairman of the Knesset Science Committee, told his European counterparts, “This is a test of the free world. We expect you to condemn this anti-Semitic and racist decision and to help institutions of higher education in your countries tighten their cooperation with science, technology and higher education institutes in Israel.”

2. LGF reports that the Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario has voted to boycott Israel. How can so many people hope to see a country obliterated? On the other hand, what level of moral reasoning can you expect from a union of public employees? Consider the source of this one.

7 thoughts on ““This Is a Test of the Free World.” You Will Be Graded.

  1. It’s hard to believe that we can still be shocked. But this Brit academic boycott of the only free democracy in the region is, well, shocking!
    thanx for the update,
    Dry Bones
    Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973

  2. It’s not so shocking when you realise that this is the same academia that is currently jeopardising the futures of millions of university students by going on strike during the exam season. Well, “actions short of strike” is the pernicious phrase they use. ANd all because their pay is only going up in line with inflation.

  3. Regarding the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) boycott, this is a union that is lead by a radical leftist that has always been a thorn in the side of Canadian civil society. As is common with such organizations, the leadership is taken over by radicals with a chip on their shoulder while the sheep-like rank and file (they are government employees don’t forget) are content to pay their dues and accept regular pay raises.

    For the record, Sid Ryan, the president of CUPE, has run for elected office as an NDP candidate four times – once provincially and three times in a federal election. Each time he has lost, at least twice (possibly three times) to the Conservative candidate. The last few times Ryan ran in Oshawa, which is a blue-collar city and home to General Motors Canada. The Conservative candidate beat him. So much for his credibility.

  4. I’m very uncomfortable with the whole idea of government-employee unions. Unions in the private sector are fine; they’re subject to a market test. But government activities, by their very nature, are subject to no such test.

  5. The people who voted for this motion deserve to get an Islamic state. Unfortunately that leaves the minority who didn’t.

  6. Remember these are schoolteachers and they have to go into their classrooms in places like Bristol ( large Somali cohort), Bradford ( majority? Pakistani), London ( pretty every flavor of Muslim) and

    I don’t doubt that many of them do believe that Palestinians can do no
    wrong and Israel no right but that
    is the way the left tilts in Europe
    these days. Its the new Nazi/Soviet
    Pact. Islamofascists and Socialists
    each using the other to advance their own cause. The left caters to
    the Islamofascist because to do so
    increases employment in the social
    agencies and because the Mosques can “hoover up” post card ballots
    and deliver a few thousand votes at
    election time. The Islamofascist
    need the left because they have no
    other allies but just as Hitler put
    his knife in Stalin’s back it is a
    sure bet the Islamofascists will one day plunge their’s into the pinko left’s.

  7. This is like re-reading the Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged…this vote is a lead story and triumph for the Ellsworth Toohey’s and Wesley Mouch’s among us

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