Plus Ça Change, Mr. Clinton

Hillary Loads Her Gun
We all know that men do this all the time. It’s what makes the world go ’round and keeps Homo Sapiens from dying out. On the other hand, why is Bill so flushingly obvious about it?

The Baron’s been surreptitiously gurrl-watching for years, and I can hardly ever catch him at it. I’ll bet most men have learned to be that sneaky careful. So how come our Rhodes Scholar ex-President never got the hang of this basic manly skill?

I must ask Dr. Sanity about this character trait… not the girl-watching part. As I said, They All Do It. No, I mean the Getting Caught Part. I’ll bet SigCarlFred would want to put William Jefferson on the couch and bring up the subject of his mother. Not a bad idea.

Meanwhile, you people of the male persuasion, “eyes front!”

Hat Tip: Sondrak, she of the finely-thongéd cheeks. Do not send Common Room visitors there, though.

6 thoughts on “Plus Ça Change, Mr. Clinton

  1. Later on this year, when Mr. Clinton “allows” himself to be nominated to the position of Secretary General of the UN, replacing Kofi Anna, it would be well to recall Mr. Clinton’s lifelong foible when contemplating his bid to head a massively corrupt organization currently accused reliably of sexual misconduct on 5 continents.

  2. Bat one–

    You’re right! He’ll have a global harem…except that I think Hillary has a GPS device sewn into his underwear and she’ll keep him on a very short leash once she’s in office.

    The FBI will be busy monitoring him all the time. Bill may not be living with her anymore, but she’s forced to wear his name (nasty old patriarchs) so he’ll remain her #1 domestic problem, requiring much intel info.

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