Update on the Swedish Muslims’ Demands

Reader LN has sent us another email from Sweden:

Thank you Baron!

At least now “they” know that the world’s eye is looking!

Latest Swedish radio 1710 CET is here: “Sveriges muslimska råd i krismöte”, that is, “Swedish Muslim Council in emergency meeting”.

Also, Sugiero has sent a pdf file of the Muslim demands, to replace the one that had a bad link in my earlier post. For those who can read Swedish, here it is.

Thank you, Sugiero!

4 thoughts on “Update on the Swedish Muslims’ Demands

  1. In all of these special reqests or demands by Muslims to accomodate their “culture”, the question is not why are they making these demands. The question is what is the host society going to do about these requests: give in or fight back.

  2. A counter-demand should be drawn up by the highest levels of Sweeden’s government, DEMANDING from the Muslim community in Sweeden:
    1} A complete break with Sharia;
    2} A complete repudiation of any loyalty to any outside entity, be it state, or umma;
    3} A complete avowal of loyalty to the Sweedish government;
    4} A complete condemnation of all rapes and crimes carried out by muslims in Sweeden;
    5} A complete promise of cooperation in the investigation of any crimes committed by muslims;
    6} A promise that any radical orthodoxy preached in the mosques will be shut down; and
    7} A declaration that the burqaa is forbidden for muslims in Sweeden.

    Well you get the idea.

    Instead of accepting demands, the Sweedes should be seizing every opportunity to pressure the muslims in Sweeden to either leave the country, or comply with Sweedish norms.

    Sweeden should get real tough.

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