Hmm… Novel Idea: Republicans as Pigs

The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House, by Dan PiraroI tell ya, after a hard day down at the Anarcho-Syndicalist Transgendered Workers’ Co-operative fighting the plutocratic globalized corporo-fascist patriarchal power structure, there’s nothing I like better than to plop down on the futon, grab a cold cup of tazo chai, and read a good old-fashioned Bush-bashing book.

If you’re the same kind of guy, you’ll want to go out and get yourself a copy of The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House, by Dan Piraro. Mr. Piraro is familiar to thousands, if not hundreds, of readers via his syndicated comic strip in — gasp! — The Washington Times.

From the Amazon scan of the book’s blurb page:

Follow the adventures of Dickey, Rummy, and Dubya — the three little pigs who went WEE WEE WEE all the way to the White House!

In the fine tradition of scorched earth, take no prisoners political satire, The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House pokes fun at a certain trio of Republican politicians who are living high on the hog.

WATCH OUT: these little pigs have no problems replacing brick with straw when it comes to your nation’s security. And don’t be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, that is if… uh… we can find him.

Well, that’s got me salivating. I’m ready to huff and puff and blow the book open. The first page shows Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, impeccably caricatured:

This little piggy worked for Nixon.
This little piggy did too.

The Amazon page shots are marked “copyrighted material”, so I dare not reproduce them here. But the picture of Nixon-the-pig, with the dark purple color, the long piggy snout — you can’t beat that for cutting-edge satire.

Next page:

This little piggy made millions off of big oil.

In the illustration — wait for it — Dick Cheney lights his cigars with $100 bills! And while sipping a martini, with an olive in it! I mean, am I ROTFLMAO, or what?

That’s it for the Amazon excerpts. But, according to our tipster, Mr. Piraro has an afterword concerning the depiction of the animals in his book. He warns the reader that pigs and wolves do not necessarily have the characteristics that he depicts, and that people should not make sweeping generalizations about the predilections of animals.

Now, sweeping generalizations about Republicans — well, that’s A-OK.

This is a hard-hitting, transgressive, speak-truth-to-power sort of book. You know it will sell out pronto, so rush on down to your local B&N, grab yourself a mocha frappuccino, settle into one of the comfy chairs, and read one of the display copies before it gets too dog-eared and fingerprinted to be legible.

Hat tip: ApollonZamp, who said: I thought about buying it for you, but then decided I didn’t want money to go into the pocket of this guy’s homegrown organic hemp jeans. However, I couldn’t steal it easily, either. Our loss.

11 thoughts on “Hmm… Novel Idea: Republicans as Pigs

  1. Whoooa! Dude! That’s like, all deep and…yeah! I mean, cuz everyone knows that wolves are all peaceful, because they’re really just, like, Native Americans who’ve gone into animal shape.

    But I thought that, like, Dubya was a chimp. How can he be a chimp ‘n’ a pig?

  2. Wow, I laughed multiple times reading this post..excellent work.

    I particular lost it at … “In the illustration — wait for it — Dick Cheney lights his cigars with $100 bills! And while sipping a martini, with an olive in it! I mean, am I ROTFLMAO, or what?

    Good to see that the left still has no understanding of _real_ humor.

  3. Ach!! Even scarier… I’m now reading the Amazon comments for the book.

    35 of 44 people found the following review helpful:

    Friends don’t let friends vote Republican, not when THESE are the Republicans. Sad thing is, the book isn’t exaggerating one bit.
    I loved this book and bought it on sight. Despite the cartoon facade, it offers a perfectly accurate peek inside how the George W Bush White House actually functions. …

    11 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

    The depictions of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, down to them telling Bush how to behave whenever there is a problem, is frighteningly accurate. …

    … and better yet–this is a FULL review:

    I was very annoyed at Marilyn Mal’s comments about GWB protecting us from terrorism. I am sick and tired of hearing that. GWB lied to us about why he was going into Iraq and turned it around. Very naive people. I am not liberal nor conservative and am quite fed up with those thinking that if I don’t support the mess in Iraq that I’m unamerican. I feel we need to finish the mess in Afganistan. Get your head out of the sand and see what else GWB has done. Everything has gone down in the dumps since he took office and it will continue!!!

    And those are only the first three reviews. Terrifying……

  4. For decades, his strip was non-political, but for some reason he’s decided to come out of the ideological closet very recently with a bunch of knee-slappers about Fox News and other right-wing menaces. Yesterday’s strip (wa-ha-ha – wait till you hear this) – a guy is watching TV and the news annoouncer is a fox! (snort, choke) and the fox is saying (a-hahahaha) “We’ll be back with more feel-good patriotism and thinly disguised propaganda after this” (can you stand it?). There is a footnote at the bottom of the panel that says “with apologies to real foxes”. Whew! I don’t think the Bushitlers and their whole pig trip can survive this kind of cutting satire. Right on, brutha.

    Dan Piraro is an old friend of Patch Adams’.

    Nuff said.

  5. forty_two;

    Were you reading the “Classics Illustrated” comic book version? most people who have actually read Orwell and know anything about him and his life know he was writing about Communists.

  6. This book doesn’t sound halal … where’s CAIR?

    Growing up with leftists here in NYC, I can tell you they really believe this stuff. Are you sure this wasn’t written by the staff of the New York Times?

  7. this is good for a laugh:

    Customers who bought this also bought:
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    Publisher: Broadway (August 12, 2003) Sales Rank:
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    awaiting execution.

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