10 thoughts on “Big Brother Google’s Handiwork

  1. Perhaps all of us with Blogger pages should post a photo or two in solidarity with the Danes. Someone could host a blogroll for all participating sites. A solidarity movement of sorts. It may get Googles attention, and force issues such as corporate quasi-censorship and colusion with those who abhor freedom out further into the mainstream.

  2. you guys are free to boycott google.

    the legal point is this: the first amendment only protects us from government action. google is a private organization. you should move to a new blogging organization. trust me, there is better ones out there =)

  3. The fact that google is a private enterprise ought to make it more responsive than a bureaucratic agency would. Of course, it’s becoming so large, it resembles a bureaucracy…

    What the screen shot proves is that Google is *too* automated and can be manipulated. But then people have known that for awhile. This is just first example of intimidation by flaming, which produces a notice.

    Kind of kafkaesque.

    As for switching out of Blogger, that will probably happen to more and more people. Before it was sold to Goog, back when it was a smaller, friendlier place, you could get actual email messages from human beings when you ran into a glitch. And they’d give you a work around.

    You also had the choice of free Blogger or Premium Blogger. Now it’s all the same.

    I wonder what Charles Johnson charges for his work??

    My daughter-in-law does webpage design, as does the mother of one of my son’s college room mates…something to think about.

    The Baron does web design, too, but it’s so much quicker to take a template and mess with it to your satisfaction. None of the orginal design is left on the template, but the Baron had the luxury of building that over time, in spare moments.

  4. The page HAS NOT been removed and appeared when I selected the revenge link. This is the same google that if you type in “failure” on their main search page and then select the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is taken to the White House web page.

  5. the “page is down” “page is not down” confusion is because the link that Gates’ link to The Study Of Revenge is bad. if you type in thestudyofrevenge.blogspot.com its there.

  6. -1225…

    I just clicked the link and the page came right up. I don’t get the warning anymore, because the first time you link to the page you get that notice, but from then on your clicks bring you right to his post.

    So I’m not sure what the problem is from your end. From here, it works fine.

    I also looked at it in my posts listings and it’s fine there, too.

  7. phaedrus, that’s an example of google gaming, or bombing. Lots of people make up huge link farms that all point to the white house page with a link called “i’m a failure”, or similar phrases, so that it pushes it up through the ranking. You get the same effect if you type in “french military victories” and click I’m feeling lucky.

  8. I Can testify to Google watching; I put up a picture of a cockroach with Fidel Castro’s head on it (www.yeoldecodger.com) and it was removed time and time again.

    I wrote to Dr. Schwartz, CEO, of Google (personal email), and all of a sudden I was changed to: http://www.yeoldecodger.blogspot.com and the new pictures remained.

    But, they never answered my emails until after I wrote to the CEO.

    Censorship, you’re damn right, and it is done at Google, and anyone can censor you by clicking that little button at the top of your page. I know. I experienced it.

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