Yesterday, The Washington Times ran a story about “incursions” into the United States by the Mexican military. Today, Tony Blankley responded:

     It’s not that I expect an orderly, predictable world. I have read enough of history to understand that the dynamics of the human personality in a world of constant change will yield radical, often chaotic, upheavals.
But still and all, a chap doesn’t expect to find a full grown rhinoceros in his desk draw[er], or a man eating sparrow on his window ledge.
So you can imagine my astonishment when I picked up The Washington Times yesterday and read on the front page the headline: “Mexican military incursions reported: U.S. Border Patrol alerts Arizona agents.”
Even in a world gone mad we should not expect to see a headline that Mexico is invading (or even incursioning into) the United States.

…It is reassuring to know that someone is paying atttention to this story even if 999.9% of the MSM is concerned with the chocolate factor of New Orleans’ mayor and whether Teddy Kennedy really did belong to a boys-only club (which only serves to keep the girls safer. Let him stay there). Who cares about these trifling distractions when our sovereignty is being eroded on a daily basis and our Border Patrol has orders to simply watch them? WHAT IS WRONG WITH US??

Blankley says of the reporter on this story:

     Mr. Seper is no novice to Mexican-American border issues. He is undoubtedly the nation’s leading reporter on the subject. As a longtime reader of Mr. Seper’s extraordinary border reporting, experience has taught me to reliably assume that when U.S. government officials deny or contradict Mr. Seper’s reporting — believe Mr. Seper.
Mr. Seper reports that: “The U.S. Border Patrol has warned agents in Arizona of incursions into the U.S. by [heavily armed] Mexican [military units]… ‘trained to escape, evade and counterambush’ if detected…” The Border Patrol also cautioned its agents to keep “a low profile” to use “cover and concealment” in approaching the Mexican military units, “to employ shadows and camouflage to conceal themselves and stay as quiet as possible.”

WHAT?? Why are we sneaking around our own borders instead of protecting them? Are we finally insane? Was eight years under Clinton enough to induce this paralysis in the face of brazen violations of our borders by members of foreign governments? Why are we fighting a drug war in other places and ignoring our own borders?

     …Mr. Seper went on to report the views of Mr. T.J. Bonner, 27-year veteran Border Patrol agent and head of the 10,000 person National Border Patrol Council, that “intrusions by the Mexican military to protect drug loads happen all the time and represent a significant threat to the agents.” He went on to say the incursions were not accidents, as the Mexican military has global positioning systems.

And our Border Patrol does not have GPS. In fact, they aren’t given much of anything but silence. Well, here is Mr. Blankley’s take on the subject:

     “What goes on at the border, stays at the border” would seem to be our government’s guiding principle. The facts would suggest that it is the policy of the Bush administration to ignore these military raiding parties so long as they are not driving on toward Sacramento, Chicago or Washington. (They ignore the fact that an infection may intrude through a crack in the skin, and then proceed inward to the vital organs.) The powers that be remain closeminded to the ever-growing dangers and national insults that flow from open borders.
It is said that pride goeth before the fall. But it is equally true that a nation that has so little pride in its own territorial integrity is also due for a sharp trip downward.

Bush is asleep at the wheel. Time to tell Congress to ignore the distracting headlines and get down to the business of protecting us. And commenter El Jefe Maximo has a plan – which is more than we’ve seen out of Washington :

     What we really need is not the military on the borders…at least so called, but to upgrade the Border Patrol into a full-fledged Border Police or Gendarmerie. Such a force should be organized on military lines, with lots more manpower, equipped with helicopters, light aircraft and light infantry weapons.
The force would operate out of regional fortifications and strongpoints, and could secure the border by both patrolling and with the deployment of sensors; as well as walls and ditches to render some areas impassable. To do this right, the government would have to buy-up a lot of property right on the borders, to construct the strongpoints and network of supporting roads and other facilities necessary.
The Border State governments, in their own interests, should help, State auxiliary forces, manned and paid for by the States, probably as adjuncts of the State Police forces (such as the Department of Public Safety in Texas), or of the organized State Militias (again, such as the State Guard in Texas) could be used to back up the Border Police.
If we really want to secure the land borders, this is how to do it. This is even more necessary considering certain political trends south of the border.

El Jefe says he will have more to say about this on his own blog later on this week. No doubt it will have more spine and focus than what our hapless Border Patrol has been left with by an administration who seems to care more for Mexico’s president than it does for the safety of Americans.

This goes beyond disgusting right up to the line where dereliction sticks out its ugly tongue. I hope those members of our Congress who are facing re-election this year are on this problem like chocolate on New Orleans.

Want to contact your Congressman? Go here.
Your senator can be found here.

And by the way, tell them not to bother sending you those idiotic form letters about their “concern.” I almost sent back the last two pages of bilge I received from Senator Warner’s office. Based on his response to my question — which was never addressed, much less answered — these people must think we’re morons. Hey, he was the one who married Elizabeth Taylor, for heaven’s sake. Now there’s a moron move for you.


  1. “Why is Mexico’s invasion into the US ignored” ?

    Perhaps it would be more obvious to you if you lived in a state that already had an Hispanic majority of voters.

    The Democrats and the MSM have proven many times they will attempt to harm Bush any way they can, regardless the damage to national security they cause, yet how come they will not beat him over the head with something as politically damning as homeland security’s documentation of armed foreign troops crossing our border?

    No party wants to be seen as the anti-Hispanic party, as that would be political suicide in the current and future political environment where power hinges on the Hispanic vote.

    There is a large pool of single issue Hispanic voters and racists organizations such as LULAC watching the developing immigration story to see who they need to campaign against, and right now neither party wants to stick their heads in the lion’s mouth until their non-Hispanic voter’s support is threatened by their inaction.

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