They’ll Have a Blast


From The Daily Journal:

     A group claiming to belong to al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades is continuing to make specific threats against EU officials in the run up to the 25 January parliamentary elections.
“We don’t know if they are really from al-Aqsa, but we are taking the threat very seriously,” the head of the EU observation mission, Belgian MEP Veronique de Keyser, told EUobserver on Monday.
Ms. de Keyser indicated that officially, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades as well as militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad have assured EU monitors there will be no violence surrounding the vote.
But she added “In each group, you have extremists who really don’t want the elections…”

Is this where someone says, “hey, it’s your funeral, lady.”?

Don’t you wonder what kind of life insurance premiums the EU has to pay for their monitors in Palestine during the elections? Seems like they need a ratio of 1:1 voter and monitor. Plus supervisors, of course. This is an EU operation.

Like the UN, they specialize in people + paper, lots of paper.

3 thoughts on “They’ll Have a Blast

  1. The Palestinian Authority wants it both ways. Abbas gives the Martyrs (read Islamic Jihad,Hamas etc.) credit for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and then complains when they won’t play nicey-nice in the run-up to the elections. And yes, the Euro-observers are clueless as to the nature of their adopted ‘victims’.

    Oh well, perhaps Hamas et al will reform themselves after the election.

  2. The link to the artist’s page is at the bottom right of the cartoon. If you haven’t looked thru “Drybones” before, I recommend him.

    We’ve used his images before.

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