4 thoughts on “The Need to Share the Dream

  1. Phil,

    Thanks for the links! I told Dymphna that the speech must be out on the web somewhere.

    But how do you think they avoid legal trouble from The Estate of MLK Jr. Inc.?

  2. Got me. But, if you want to pursue it, these were compiled by Stephen E. Lucas (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Martin J. Medhurst (Baylor University).

    You can contact them here per the associated press release:

    “For more information about text, survey results and film clips, contact Lucas at (608) 238-6657; selucas@facstaff.wisc.edu or Medhurst at (409) 845-0208; m-medhurst@tamu.edu.”

    I’d be interested to see their response as well.

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