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Common Dreams is quite a site. Not interesting enough to link to, however — especially since their banner carries that infamous doctored photo from Code Pink.

Remember this revelation from Little Green Footballs, via Publius Pundit?. Publius exhibited the original phot, plus the doctored one issued by Code Pink for their propaganda purposes. I guess CP thought they’d pulled a fast one. At any rate, LGF put them together for our edification.

Code Pink Dishonesty
However, that’s not the worst of what they have on offer. Today’s sample is a neologism they seem to have coined for Cindy Sheehan and those of her ilk (yes, I realize I do not usually refer to, mention, or otherwise allude to a poor human being who has long since abandoned home for the halls of lunacy. However, aside from the icky, faux photo, this particular post’s juxtaposition of snide ire and irrelevance is interesting in a creepy kind of way).

Have you ever heard of matriotism? Lucky you. At least until now you’ve been fortunate, because you’re about to see a little progressive thought progression. But before we get there, consider the Left’s sleight-of-hand with the word “progressive.” Like the term “pro-abortion,” the Left was forced to come up with another word for Leftist, given that it has fallen into such disrepute. Pro-abortion has come to mean support for partial-birth murders abortions, so it had to be changed to “pro-choice.” Nice euphemism; so much less grisly than the truth. The same goes for “Progressive” and “Leftist.” The former is just so much less grisly than reality, isn’t it?

So what’s the new reality word? Why it’s matriotism! Isn’t that sweeter than that ugly old male patriotism the Right is always spouting off about? Patriotism is a murderer, matriotism is a mother. Get it? Here’s nasty old patriotism a la Common Dreams:

     There have been volumes written about patriotism, defining it, supporting it, challenging the notion of it, etc. I believe the notion of patriotism has been expediently and nefariously exploited, and used to lead our nation into scores of disastrous and needless wars. The idea of patriotism has virtually wiped out entire generations of our precious young people and has allowed our nation’s leaders to commit mass murder on an unprecedented scale. The vile sputum of “if you aren’t with us, then you are against us” is basically the epitome of patriotism gone wild.

Ugly, ugly. Nasty leaders/killers. “Vile sputum” indeed. Don’t you wonder why they don’t just get straight to the point and just say “vile sperm” —- after all, aren’t these “the woman is better” thinkers?

But what of matriotism, you say? Here it is, though sadly it was aborted by our leaders “jumping on the bandwagon” (the belly?) of 9/11:

     After the tragedy of 9/11 we were on our way to becoming a fledgling Matriotic society until our leaders jumped on the bandwagon of inappropriate and misguided vengeance to send our young people to die and kill in two countries that were no threat to the USA or to our way of life. The neocons exploited patriotism to fulfill their goals of imperialism and plumder[sic].
This sort of patriotism begins when we enter kindergarten and learn the nationalist “Pledge of Allegiance.” It transcends all sense when we are taught the “Star Spangled Banner,” a hymn to war. In our history classes the genocide of the Native American peoples is glossed over as we learn about the spread of American Imperialism over our continent, though it wasn’t named until the 1840’s, when the doctrine of Manifest Destiny was expounded to justify the USA’s conquest of and “civilizing” of Mexican territories and Native American populations. Manifest Destiny sought to spread the “the boundaries of freedom” to the American Continent, with the notion that we have a special mission from God. Sound familiar?

My heavens, of course it sounds familiar. It’s the same mantra we’ve been hearing since the 1930’s Red Diaper babies. It’s old, dear progressives. So old, it’s regressive, not to mention simplistically wrong. One problem with Progressives is that they believe history began on this continent. Never do we hear a comparison between America’s beginnings and development with that of Europe’s. Never do we see an admission that had we not been willing to fight they’d all be speaking German or Russian and for darn sure they wouldn’t be blogging this faux history. Oh, wait a minute, this is matriotism: it’s herstory, not history. Silly me.

Here’s another sample of the simple, kindly approach of matriotism:

     Not everyone is a mother, but there is one universal truth that no one can dispute no matter how hard they try (and believe me, some will try): Everyone has a mother! Mothers give life, and if the child is lucky, mothers nurture life. And if a man has had a nurturing mother he will already have a base of Matriotism.

I think that’s enough, don’t you? This evisceration of history and intellectual thought is sad, sad, sad…

Ohmygod. I was about to close the page when I looked further down the post. This thing was written by Mother Matriot herself! No wonder it made me think of Mrs. Sheehan: she wrote this excrescence. I had no idea. As the Irish would say, “aye, the puir woman. Can’t help herself.”

Just shows you God has a sense of humor. Let us pray that one day He shares it with Casey’s momma. She badly needs it if she’s to make it through the rest of her life.

A word to my commenters. Yes, I should have known that Common Dreams was associated with Mrs. Sheehan. But we live a sheltered life here at Gates. Besides, what are you guys doing at that dive?

12 thoughts on “The Latest Word From the Left

  1. In other words, respect her because she’s a mom, dammit. Quit ignoring her as irrelevant just because she’s looney.

    Give her all due respect and attention and do what the hell she says because she was a mom and it’s “matriotic.”

    What will the looney moonbats come up with next?

  2. Well, I guess you could say that Cindy is really pathetic…errr… mathetic. [Except of course, that she’s probably not able to add or subtract with her limited intellectual skills….]

  3. The entire edifice of Political Correctness is based on a radical conception of feminism that requires devaluing traditional, male attributes and idealizing the all-loving, all-nurturing (fantasied) mother. This is why they so easily slip into talk about how much harm the horrid American capitalist system is doing to our mother, mother earth; it shows up in their locution of Mother Sheehan for Cindy Sheehan.
    I could go on with the way in which language, and reality, is devalued (& deconstructed) by the progressive movement which is so incredibly reactionary, but I don’t want to bore anyone.

  4. Mussy–

    You mean “the mother of all headaches.” Which this woman may well be.

    Dr. S –mathetic is better than matriotic, which makes me think of vitriolic.


    I used to work for an object relations therapist –Tavistock trained who told me that one’s relationship with the earth (recycling, etc.) was a reflection of one’s original mummy. I still like object relations, though.

    OTOH, she was a pro-Palestinian secular Jew, as was her husband.

    That one is harder to figure out.

    ANyway, that stuff is *never* boring.

    I’m still in shock from discovering I was quoting Mrs. Sheehan. No wonder the ideas were so doctrinaire. I feel so sorry for her at the same time that she repels me.

    Umm…ambivalence, thy name is Dymphna.

  5. Well Sheehan can join the ranks of Plagiarist now… She did not come up with the idea of Matriotism. Someone may have called and told her the word but Elouise Belle was the one that coined it in an April 2002 article called Matriotism and Mother Earth (I think that’s the correct title). Cindy even borrowed the “yin yang” comparison straight out of Belle’s article.

    What a buffoon!

  6. Oh, for goodness’ sake!

    All the drivel about mothers and their nurturing and birthing and how gentle they are.

    That is so much crap. How do they account for women like Susan Smith and other mothers who likewise harm or kill their children?

    Women are just as capable as men of committing acts of violence, and there are more and more studies that show this.

    The woman good/man bad paradigm really should roll over and die so we can get on with fighting the battles we should be fighting.

    And heal our society.

  7. It’s been a long time since ninth-grade biology, but I believe most people have fathers as well. Perhaps Sheehan is capable of asexual reproduction, or I certainly hope so.

  8. “Everyone has a mother! Mothers give life..”
    Of course, father’s don’t give life”..sperm just happens to magically appear somehow. I’m sick and tired of hearing about how women are on the side of Life and men are crazed killerbots.
    Try being on the side of life without the half of the human race that does the heavy lifting in underground mines, in the dirty and dangerous and monotonous jobs that bring the benefits of the industrial age to the homes of middle-class whining faux-feminists.
    I had a mother.She was a manipulative, psychotic and abusive person who brought up four severely damaged kids. That we went on to lead (relatively) sane and normal lives is no thanks to her.
    Somebody should put Ms. Sheehan down before she bites someone and gives ’em rabies.
    Crusader Rabbit

  9. > … used to lead our nation into scores of disastrous and needless wars.

    Uhhhh… “Scores”?

    A score is *20*. “Scores” is not less than 40, then…
    The Revolutionary War
    The War of 1812
    The Mexican War
    The Civil War
    The Spanish American War
    The Korean War
    The Vietnam War
    The Cold War
    Central America
    The Gulf War

    …That’s only *19*, and I’m being REALLY generous in calling some of those “wars”… I might have missed one or two there, but not *20* of ’em… and that’s ALL wars, not “disastrous and needless” ones.

    Must be nice to be a part of the “Reality Based Community”…

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