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This last posting by Jeff is sad, but he has a good recommendation, one that our diligent readers may follow up:

     After much contemplation, I have decided to discontinue posting at Geopolitical Review. The decision is not easy, but given my obligations outside of this website (primarily law school), it is necessary. The domain name was recently renewed, so all of the previous postings will remain for quite some time. It has been a fun and eventful 2+ years writing here, and perhaps someday I will return. But for now, all postings will cease. Thank you to all who regularly visited the website, Brad, who helped carry the load, and especially those whom I personally corresponded with over the last few years.
I can’t, however, resist making one last comment. As some of you may already know, the Danish Government is under incredible international pressure from Islamic dictatorships, the morally bankrupt United Nations, and even some in the European Union to sanction, or at least denounce, freedom of speech in Denmark. This controversy arose out of the publication of twelve cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper, something which is forbidden by Islam. (Background info on the controversy can be found here.)
As a show of support for freedom of speech in Europe, Denmark, and the world in general, I urge all of you to send a quick note to your Danish embassy and let them know that you support their refusal to give into pressure from dictatorships and Western appeasers. (Contact information for their Embassy in Washington, DC can be found here.) It is a small gesture, but one that I’m sure will be appreciated by our staunch Danish allies. Thank you, and take care.

Goodbye, Jeff, and thanks for staying around as long as you did. I will miss your information but I’ll continue to use your blogroll of newspapers.

Come by and leave a comment if you have time.

By the way, does the fact that your domain name has been renewed mean that you might be back after law school slavery is done?

Just asking.

I’m sure many of our readers are weary of our coverage of the Danish freedom of speech issue. But except for Brussels Journal it’s being ignored. Meanwhile, Danish imams are traveling through the Middle East continuing their God-given right of taqiyya. Amazing, Danes aren’t permitted to tell the truth according to their lights, but Muslims can lie like rugs all day long and it represents virtue according to the hadiths on the subject. What an immoral sinkhole of “theology” that is.

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  1. Not me! I come here hoping to hear about Denmark … it’s one of the most important issues. With laws against “vilification of a religion” in France, Italy and Australia, the brave Danes are fighting this nonsense.

  2. I followed the advice given and emailed the Danish embassy to affirm my support for freedom of speech in Denmark.

    This doesn’t take much effort, and it’s a worthy cause, so I hope that others will do the same.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  3. There is a lot of sad news, but someone putting a hold on blogging to finish law school does not seem to rise to the level of “sad” on a relative scale.

    Getting away from this post, to journalism in general, what seems sad to me is the dearth of descriptors available to most journalists and academicians, particularly on the left. Racist, sexist, and homophobe seem to be the extent of descriptive capacity for too many persons who somehow make a living with their keyboards.

  4. Jason P–

    The PM says he’s outraged that his Muslim citizens are traveling to the ME and badmouthing the Danes.

    Gypsy Scholar–I, too.

    Al fin –sadness is in the heart of its holder. I’m sad when a blogger I like leaves for better things. It’s a bit like losing a friend. A twinge of that.

  5. With regard to Denmark, I should note that while the English language press seems to be ignoring this my webpage of the cartoons has had links from an extraordinary range of discussion boards and blogs from around the world and most of them have been because of local news articles, at least I think they are my Turkish, Russian and Estonian, to name three recent waves of visitors, is not sufficient for me to fully comprehend what the original spark was.

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