Parallel and Perverse Worlds

American mother, Cindy Sheehan. Palestinian mother, Umm Nidal.

These women are not opposites. They are negative images of one another. Sheehan’s world view says nothing about America is worth dying for. Mamma Nidal says she saved her sons for Allah by making them jihad suicide killers. Hers is only nationalist on the surface. Scratch a little off and you’ll see a world wide ummah.

Do you see the perversion of absolutes in each world view?

SheehanOne sacrifices nothing because there is nothing worth sacrificing for. She refuses to honor her son’s decision to serve his country and put his life at risk for his country. He went against his mother’s Absolute: there is absolutely nothing in America worth that sacrifice. Her world view could not sustain her son so he rejected it.

Umm NidalThe second deliberately inculcates in her sons the wish to die for her belief, and to take others with them, others she sees as evil. If women and children die along with her sons? An Islamic shrug — Allah wills it. Their glory is all the greater in Paradise. Jihad is their absolute, taken in with their mother’s milk and spilled out for all eternity.

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Each woman has sons who died in battle. Each of them is running for office based on their sons’ deaths.

Is this picture perverted or what?

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13 thoughts on “Parallel and Perverse Worlds

  1. It would be neat to see them both run for office and then become so perplexed as they met eachothers destinies. THAT would be good media.

    What a hellspawned mess.

  2. Amazing how “I hate America crowd” inversely reflects those that wish us to die, though both with the same aim.

  3. Sheehan is RUNNING for something?

    Goody .. I want to be there with a camera as Moveon helps …or better yet, perhaps we can get them in the same room to ‘organize’ something in Crawford ..maybe a new reality show …

    Imperalist Shahada fear factor .. can you run away before you get blown up by the guy/gal/child with a special piece of apparel you are trying to spot?

  4. Cindy Sheehan should accept the loss of her son for the liberation of the muslim ummah of Iraq. She needs to realise that by sacraficing the life of her son President Bush is helping the ummah become free and that to support this mission is the duty of every patriotic American mother.

  5. As a point of information, today in Austin while our cars were being repaired I met a teacher visiting from Crawford, near the Bush ranch. I asked her about her “on the ground” experience with the Sheehan “visitation.”

    She described the individuals involved as “unpredictable,” and described behavior that seemed to be trying to precipitate auto accidents with the locals — swerving across the yellow line, and, more frequently, cross-traffic waiting at intersections until the approaching vehicle was almost there, then speeding into its path at the last moment.

    She said it happened so many times she didn’t think it was accidental. Didn’t seem to upset her a lot, though, she seemed tough, with a robust faith.

    Anyone know of other reports of this behavior, related either to Sheehan or MoveOn etc.?

  6. What is especially repellent in both women is the manufactured quality about them. They are unnatural and seem forced: I don’t mean their views per se, but rather their certitude in their views. How have they managed to banish all doubt? I suspect they have not, really, and that their certitude is the result of advocacy. Over their children’s dead bodies. Now that is cynical.

  7. No, they’re not opposites, except maybe in the sense of being two sides of the same coin.

    Both hate America, both hate Jews, both are using the deaths of their sons to advance a political agenda. Maybe different branches of the same tree is a better analogy.

    Oh yes, and those hats…

  8. I’ll grant Sheehan this much: she bore a son that was willing to fight and die for freedom.

    I’ll grant Nidal nothing. She is a cockroach who begat concroaches.

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