Hill? Like Hell!

From The Drudge Report:

Fortunately for Mrs. Clinton, they aren’t holding the next presidential election any time soon…

Only 16 percent of voters are “firmly” in Hillary’s camp. Another 32 per cent would “consider” Mrs. Clinton for President.

But CNNGallup says that 51 per cent say “no way, Jose.” No Hillary. N-O.

As Drudge notes, that means her negatives outnumber her positives by three to one.

Among Republicans, 90 per cent perish the thought, but only 71 per cent of conservatives are that definite.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the divide, 46 percent wouldn’t back Dr. Rice.

So there you are. THREE WHOLE YEARS BEFOREHAND and they’re running these dumb polls and I’m reporting it.

Interesting feel for things, though. Bet ol’ Hillary won’t be talking about the “plantation” again anytime soon or they’ll be all over her like chocolate on New Orleans.

[Sorry. My new favorite phrase. Be patient; another one will eventually replace it. That’s how it is with pet phrases…]

4 thoughts on “Hill? Like Hell!

  1. “Meanwhile, on the other side of the divide, 46 percent wouldn’t back Dr. Rice.”

    Eh… 46 percent (the democrats in the US) will not back (insert any republican candidate here).

    Democrats simply cannot accept a republican president of any stripe. Their malignant narcissism has reached the point of hysteria.

    It will just continue to get worse.

  2. Take heart, Mussy — they have discovered a new planet. Perhaps the Dems will emigrate there, post haste, leaving the Republican factions to duke it out.

    See the post on The Loony Left.

  3. The looney left is sort of like a pesky brat – they’re only satisfied when they are under your feet making your life miserable.

    I don’t think they’d abandon their desire to be in close contact, making others miserable.

    Maybe cons could escape to the new planet. Free markets, no political correctness, limited government… umm… when’s the next flight?

  4. Don’t get your hopes up too much, Mussolini. Unless the Heim Drive works out a hell of alot better than anyone could hope, long distance space colonization would require a hell of alot more planning and control to avoid massive flaming death than you ( or most ) would really find desirable.

    As with the US, the initial wave of colonization would be from the truly desperate or the truly “adventurous” ( read suicidally brave ).

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