Free Speech in Denmark — Part 1,234

So far so good: The Danes continue their stand against the arrayed forces of political correctness.

The Brussels Journal reports that the Muslims took it to court, as the Danish Prime Minister had suggested they do. And the courts said —- to paraphrase: too-bad-so-sad-free-speech-trumps-ignorance.

Essentially, the public prosecutor in Viborg, Denmark dismissed the charges brought by eleven Danish Muslim organizations against Jyllands-Posten for its temerity in publishing cartoon examples of Muhammad. According to Danish law, the publication was within its rights to publish the cartoons; the Muslims are within their rights to be offended. According to the Brussels Journal, though, the offended Muslims aren’t done yet:

     Legal experts say this was to be expected. However, the Muslim organizations are disappointed and are considering appealing to the State Prosecutor and even to the European Court of Human Rights.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister spoke about the issue and someone in the Danish government had the good sense to have the speech translated into Arabic. The basic courtesy of acts like this communicate far more than the law can.

And the Foreign Minister of Denmark, Per Stig Møller, initiated a call to Amr Moussa, the Secretary General of the Arab League, suggesting they needed to move along on this issue:

     Møller contacted Moussa after the league expressed their ‘surprise and indignation’ over the Danish government’s reaction to the protest of both Danish Muslims as well as Muslim ambassadors in Denmark.
In addition to agreeing to end the controversy, Moussa also accepted the Danish position that while there needs to be mutual respect between religions, that politicians should not get involved in what the media chooses to publish.

This contretemps is going to die a slow, lingering death, but die it will. Not all the hot air from all the thin-skinned Muslim balloons can breathe enough life into this non-issue to keep it going.

Which is not to say they won’t try. And Jyllands-Posten proved its point: free speech in Denmark is alive and well and principled men are in charge of its government.

Denmark 3*, Offended Danish Muslims O.

*The three points are awarded for (1) having published the cartoons in aid of an author seeking some examples; (2) the government’s refusal to get embroiled despite the pressure from Arab diplomats — and some of their own retired foreign service airheads; and (3) letting the courts decide the issue. The Muslims were awarded zero points in the hope they’ll realize eventually that they’re not in Mecca anymore.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I worry they won’t have the gumption to withstand the pressure. But they stood up to the Nazis by acting in solidarity with the Jews when arm bands were introduced. Perhaps it’s the Danes again, standing up to Islamo-fascists. Of course, let’s also remember the Queen of Denmark just this past spring.

  2. Either the Danish muslims are too stupid to understand that they are not “in Kansas anymore”, or they are trying to turn Denmark into another backwater muslim slum. The Danes are showing tremendous backbone, as I would expect. The rest of europe can learn from the Danes.

  3. Well Islam is in for round number two. Another Danish newspaper (Weekendavisen) is under critique for having likewise published (seven) cartoon pictures of Muhammed. One, an empty chair. Another a Mona Lisa with beard – which according to Islamic Trossamfund (Islamic Faith Organisation) – is especially insulting, since 1) It depicts Muhammed (sic!), 2) Muhammed as a woman! 3) Since Mona Lisa has long hair, Mona Lisa, according Islamic Faith Organisation – and you really can’t make shit like this up, resembles Jesus – which apparently is a hidden insinuation that Muhammed is a false prophet and only Jesus is real.

    Here from New York Times, not so good article: Denmark Is Unlikely Front in Islam-West Culture War

  4. Wishing to show solidarity with the Danish newspaper, a Norwegian (Christian) newspaper has just reprinted the cartoons of Muhammed. Thank you Norway!


  5. Our local elites have run a campaign against the “tone” of the immigrant debate in Denmark, demanding that people censor themselves so as not to “offend”.

    What they got was a bit of lip-service from our prime minister, near-universal condemnation from normal Danes, and an oppinion poll that shows 85% of Danes oppose any infringement on free speech, even if it offends religious minorities. Only 7% were for it.

    More here:

  6. This is the triviality story that just won’t die. Latest development is that a group of imams from Denmark has being touring the Middle East trying to stir up resentment against Denmark. So a Danish politician calls them “traitors” and “backstabbers”. And now the imams has called the police on her, wanting her indicted on some form of libel charge. So she says “they can stick it”, that “they can do what the heck they want, I don’t give a beet”. And now it turns out the imams in their attempts to raise opposition against Denmark, actually went quite a bit beyond the truth in what they told their audience in the Middle East. That they in addition to the images published by the Danish newspaper – which apparently weren’t quite strong enough for their purpose, had themselves drawn some images of Muhammad as a paedophile, Muhammad with a pigs snout, and a praying Muhammad being anal raped by a dog.

    And here are some of the drawings deemed even more insulting by the imams, and published by the other newspaper:
    * Newspaper

    * Can you proved this isn’t Muhammed
    * (Chair)This is Muhammed. And Santa Muhammed
    * Roaring Muhammed by a forest lake
    * (top) The prophets foot (bottom) “a pun on one of the editiors, which is said to resemble Muhammed
    * (top)The prophet as he saw himself (bottom) Mom with prophet
    * For thousands of years, a so-far secret society has known that this image depicts the prophet, but they have kept their knowledge secret. The newspapers anonymous artist does everything in his power to reveal the truth. He has now gone underground in an attempt to escape a mad albino-imam.
    * The prophets insides

    And the imams creations:
    * Muhammed with a snout
    * Praying Muhammed being set upon by a dog
    * The paedophile Muhammed

  7. As an American with a doctorate degree I express my utmost disgust and shame at your offensive and insensitive approach and display of disrespect thus reflecting your make up. If you do accept it on your self to have your dignified figures and holy symbols humiliated, do not assume all humans are as low or senseless as you. I am confident that someday you will pay very dearly for your filthy deeds and showing there is no bottom for how low people may act with no regard how it may affect others. Insulting and making fun of your God, prophet, Leader, or even parent may be natural and tolerated if not even encouraged to you. However, do not expect others to be as insensitive and pride-less. Note: do not expect Muslim papers to ever do the same to your holy symbols as it is only people like you that do what accuse others of.

  8. > gospalo said…
    As an American with a doctorate degree

    That’s fine, Doctor, but I think you are rather missing the point.

    The blasphemous drawings of Mohammed with pig’s snout and pig’s ears have never appeared in any Danish paper. They were collected, reproduced, distributed and immortalized by the imams from the Danish Islamic Community.

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