Cast Adrift By Judge Cashman

The Anchoress calls him a judge Steven Spielberg could love:

     In his “prayer for peace” Steven Spielberg’s film Munich reportedly draws a moral equivalence between Palestinian terrorists and Israel’s response…and he cautions that “fighting back” doesn’t work – it only leads to more violence.

The Associated Press claims that this story was “whipped into a frenzy via Internet blogs” — a snarky aside, showing the growing fear the MSM harbors about the ability of distributive information to change outcomes.

Read the rest at The Neighborhood of God.

2 thoughts on “Cast Adrift By Judge Cashman

  1. Great Scot – A non-judgemental judge! What next? Seems like a clear case of nonfeasance of duty.

    How dare the blogs whip this story into a frenzy? Our MSM keepers know how to handle a story like this – ignore it, so it doesn’t interfere with the approved narrative and befuddle the great unwashed.

  2. Damn me! For posting such a ‘snarky’ hit on Munich.

    First talk radio…

    Then Fox News…

    Now the Internet…

    What next? The return of Christianity into the public square!

    I pray so.

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