Atlanta Rofters Prepare for Israel’s Destruction

Good satire is always in short supply. And Atlanta Rofters isn’t a satirist’s blog per se. Point Five can breathe a sigh of relief.

Nonetheless they’ve put up a post to rival PF’s droll wit:

We’re all familiar with the motto of those homophobic Boy Scouts, right? The one about being prepared?

For Muslims, the motto seems to have been expanded to “Be Prepared To Be Offended.”

Here’s a part of AC’s juicy bite out of the Muslim apple:

American Islamic Leaders Warn Of Anti-Muslim Backlash Following Next Month’s Nuking Of Tel Aviv

     Bleurters News Service, (WASHINGTON)
The D.C. Islamic Eternal Justice Endeavor against War and Stereotyping (DIEJEWS) yesterday issued a strongly worded statement condemning a rising backlash against Muslims following next month’s nuclear bombing of Tel Aviv, Israel by Iran. The press release warned against an increase in anti-Muslim discrimination, hate crimes, and government harassment following the destruction of the unofficial Israeli capital city next month, as announced by the Iranian government.
“We call on all Americans of goodwill to hold fast to our traditional American values of tolerance and diversity,” the statement said in part. “No justification is possible for the heightened tensions and increased suspicions against innocent Muslims following next month’s tragic events. The chilling of Islamic-American relations will overshadow the great strides made since 9/11 in rolling back jingoism.” The statement stopped short of calling the nuclear bombing of Tel Aviv by the Islamic Republic of Iran a terrorist act, but called for “restraint by both sides” in future crises.
“Next month’s nuking of Tel Aviv and the subsequent dancing in the streets by Muslims worldwide have nothing to do with Islam,” DIEJEWS spokesperson Marysuellen al-Shahid said in a telephone interview. “We condemn what’s going to happen. People claim they are doing it for Islam, but it’s really in spite of Islam. The first people to suffer, after the victims, are the Muslim community.

Oh, that’s right. So let’s be prepared, too, to comfort the afflicted, shall we? Even the ones dancing in the streets have their secret sorrows. Actually, not so secret. In fact, they should maybe tone it down a bit? Allah may be enjoying the hi-jinks, but Yahweh hasn’t weighed in with an opinion yet.

Better hedge your bets, fellows.

Highly recommended: Atlanta Rofters…but what’s a rofter??

7 thoughts on “Atlanta Rofters Prepare for Israel’s Destruction

  1. Funny, but the best satire is based on truth.

    And this is sickeningly true to form.

    Which makes it so very sad considering that we all know it and there’s nothing we can do about it in the face of determined media and PC politicos.

    … isn’t PC and politicians a redundancy?

  2. xavier–

    Do you mean Fr. Neuhaus, the editor of First Things? If so, clever…I never noticed it, though I’ve been a reader of FT, off and on, for some time. My subscription is up for renewal and I was thinking “maybe not” and then today he did a great job on Benedict’s first encyclical…which I may or may not post on.

  3. Inspector–

    It was worth it. Great piece. The name of the spokesperson was very nicely done.

    I’m a sucker for good satire.

  4. Dymphna:
    Correct the same Fr John Neuhaus. I believe he mentioned the nickname in one of his Public square articles some years aho
    I renewed my subscription and enjoy his Public square (as well as the book reviews the magazine comissions)
    I haven’t read the latest blog post. Guess I’ll have to pop by and read his analysis of the encyclical


  5. I think this is actually an extended riff on something that showed up on Tim Blair’s site as part of a Guardian headline parody contest: “British Muslims Fear Backlash from Tomorrow’s Bomb Attack.”

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