What FEMA Can Do

At The American Thinker, a reader has come up with an idea:

     Gary DeYoung of San Antonio writes with an excellent idea and a kind offer:
With the thousands of displaced families spreading out from New Orleans looking for a place to live while their city is rebuilt, you might think that one of the larger relief organizations would have a means in place for people to volunteer to open their homes to Katrina victims. I have searched in vain – and frustratingly, nobody seems to be working to match displaced families up with people with spare bedrooms.
A Red Cross volunteer told me on the phone that they have to use their own shelters for liability reasons.

Ah, yes. How could I have forgotten? The Lawyers. They wait, like Death, for such opportunistic moments. Can’t you see the liability suit ads now? “Did FEMA fail to help you?” Trust the lawyers. They’ll be making big bucks from Katrina.

Mr. De Young offers accomdations for two people, but he also has a brilliant idea: FEMA could set up a database online for those who are willing to do likewise.

Aren’t Americans amazing? Except for the liability lawyers.

5 thoughts on “What FEMA Can Do

  1. Al Stewart takes longer to sing it, but when he does it’s a winning song. Very good to do exercise to:

    License to Steal

    He walks into the room
    He’s got a briefcase like a bomb
    A smile on both faces
    And he calls it aplomb

    He wants a bite of your apple
    Hands you back the peel
    He’s fresh out of law school
    He’s got a license to steal

    When he offers his advice
    You can guarantee
    For several hundred dollars an hour
    He will see just how many complications
    Your life will reveal
    He’s fresh out of law school
    He’s got a license to steal

    He’s an ambulance chaser
    A waver of papers
    He loves to mix with the movers and shakers
    He’s taking from them
    He’s taking from you
    Lawyers love money
    Anybody’s will do
    Just take it

    He’s poking his nose into people’s despair
    When tragedy strikes he will always be there
    Looking so cool
    His greed is hard to conceal
    He’s fresh out of law school
    You gave him a license to steal

    We’ve got seven hundred thousand attorneys at law
    Nobody can tell me what we need them all for
    We should throw them in chains
    Chastise them and rebuke them
    If it doesn’t work
    We ought to take ’em out and nuke ’em

    Blow a lawyer to pieces
    It’s the obvious way
    Don’t wait for a thesis
    Do it today
    Take him to the court of no final appeal
    When you’re fresh out of lawyers
    You don’t know how good it’s gonna feel

    Thanks for reminding me of this song, Dave.

    Hey, maybe we could send them to Nawlins?

  2. Suzi–

    Thanks for the information. I hope this all eventually comes together in one database.

    I’ll bet some denominations are in touch with people in other areas, too.

  3. Like Suzi, I’ve seen several as well. And as you say, Dymphna, denominations are in touch with one another.

    I’m on an email list for a group of homeschoolers who are members of the churches of Christ, and there have been numerous offers of shelter. I know our names are up on the bulletin board of a churchbuilding/shelter in Louisiana, and I’ve heard of a few homeless families traveling north to be taken in by their church brethren.

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