The Great Jihad in Thailand

In this AP story, Muslim Violence Destroying Economy in Southern Thailand, Rungrawee C. Pinyorat writes:

     The open-air market in this southern Thai city falls eerily quiet on Fridays. Most vendors stay home, terrorized by leaflets threatening to kill or cut off the ears of anyone who works on the Muslim holy day.
“My business has been bad as customers are afraid to come out,” said Thanchanok Putroy, 39, chopping up a catfish in the market where most stores were shut and buses aren’t running.

In the time-honored tradition of Islamic terrorists, zealous radicals are determined to have their way, regardless of the damage to their country’s economy.

     Bombs have exploded at a department store, a cinema complex, the international airport at Hat Yai and a department store owned by the French Carrefour chain. Now investors and tourists have been driven off and some workers are leaving.
“Trade has dropped 70 to 80 percent. Shopkeepers complain loudly. It is very quiet at night and people from outside dare not to come to the area,” said Panya Ongsakul, chairman of the three provinces’ chamber of commerce.
Always among the country’s poorest regions, per capita monthly income in Narathiwat is 2,120 baht ($51), less than half the national average. Many Muslim villagers are angry at the government, but also want them to quell the violence so they can continue what have traditionally been peaceful lives in this rural region of 1.8 million people.

The Thai branch of the Great Islamic Jihad is determined to expel the infidel from their areas and purify Islamic practices. An interesting economic note can be found at the end of the story:

     Prices of quarried rock have doubled, because the government severely limited the use of explosives that were reportedly being stolen for bomb attacks. The government eased the curbs as part of efforts to revive the economy, but Defense Minister Thammarak Isarangura Na Ayutthaya, while warily approving the measure, said he expected coffins would have to be stockpiled for bomb victims.

So the investor in Southern Thailand is advised to sell shares of Suntory and buy shares of… what? Krupp? National Coffin Company? Prosthetic Limbs ‘R’ Us?

Remember: Wherever you live, the Umma is coming to you.

4 thoughts on “The Great Jihad in Thailand

  1. Much of Southern Thailand is being transformed now into the new base of operations for many Muslim extremist groups. The main base of operations seems to be in Yala.

    I travel quite often to this area and so will keep you updated 😉

  2. Islam is a like the water whirling in a bathtub, sucking everything down in to the sewer of ‘pure Islam.’ The little rubber ducky Infidels at the far end of the tub hardly feel a tug, but the little Infidel duckies nearer the front in Southern Thailand are feeling mighty concerned about, or worse, resigned to their fate. Different emotions run through my mind: bizarre, horror, resentment that Islam is really screwing up the world, dismay at my fellow citizens who don’t believe the danger and say ‘I’ve gone too far’ for calling for a halt of inbound Muslim immigration.

    Just for starters. Practically all terrorism is done by Muslims. The fewer Muslims you have, the less risk you have for a homegrown terrorist or aid to the imported one. It’s common sense but not PC.

  3. Lovely Thailand. Thai people love life, and now they are stuck with a people who love death.

    And so are we, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Idiot politicians who know nothing of the history of islam or muslims, have saddled us taxpayers with a population that believes that it is their right that the kaffir support them, as they practice and fund the Jihad at our expense.


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