Are We Are Idiots, Or What?

CNN currently has up one of those typical tendentious are-you-still-beating-your-wife online opinion polls. They’ve left out an additional choice — an essential one, in the opinion of Gates of Vienna:

Should President Bush have been on the ground in New Orleans sooner?
This is a stupid question

What do you think the results of our poll would be?

4 thoughts on “Are We Are Idiots, Or What?

  1. On the ground in New Orleans? No, but perhaps on the water.

    Bush didn’t react quickly enough, but nobody else in government did either, so no political leader looks good in this emergency.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  2. Not only should Bush have been on the ground sooner, but he should have personally whipped out his superhero suit, jetted to the Superdome, and flown each and every refugee (oh, wait, that’s an insult now…) to Houston on his presidential shoulders.

    Then he should have gone to the breaking levees, blown on them with his super-cold-super-breath, and frozen them long enough for the Army Corps of Engineers to get there and fix them.

    THEN Bush should have dismantled the government and given all the money to the residents of New Orleans to make amends for causing a destructive hurricane to visit them.

    //oh wait, that was a bit snarky.

  3. You mean you’re not one of those who think he should be tried for crimes against humanity because he didn’t suit up and personally parachute in to hand deliver MREs? Or perhaps he should have been plucking those poor folks off the rooftops himself?

    Personally, I thought he should commandeered a fleet of 400 buses and had them moving by Sunday so they’d have been ready to evacuate BEFORE the levees broke. Obvious leadership failure, that.

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