Manipulating the News, Big Time

Don’t hold your breath waiting for NPR to report this item about the Palestinian victims in Gaza.

As you know, there is much contention over the decision to evacuate Israeli citizens from the Gaza strip in preparation for turning the land over to the Palestinians. It is a fractious issue and an emotional decision. Some Israelis have threatened civil war rather than be moved from their homes. Nonetheless the unilateral removal continues in the face of fierce objections.

So how is the Palestinian “state” helping? Here’s how:

     Hamas has been using its official radio station in Gaza to broadcast instructions to terrorists in the field firing mortars and rockets at Gaza’s Jewish communities, security sources told WND.
Hamas regularly fires mortars and Qassam rockets at Gush Katif, the slate of Gaza’s Jewish communities scheduled for evacuation Aug. 17. The terror group launched more than 120 rockets and mortars the past two weeks, killing one woman and injuring more than eight. Yesterday, a Qassam rocket hit Neve Dekalim, a large southern Katif town.
Sources say Hamas operations coordinators in Gaza use the station to provide terrorists with directions such as the exact coordinates in and near Gaza City from which to launch the rockets and mortars and the trajectory to be used in firing the Qassam missiles.

But the best part is the punchline. Want to know why Hamas and the Voice of Al Aqsa are coordinating this effort? Because then Hamas can say it drove the Israelis from Gaza, rather than the truth of it, which is that the Israelis decided to unilaterally withdraw from the area.

     Analysts expect the rocket attacks to increase as the evacuation date gets closer so that Hamas, popular in the Gaza Strip, can claim to its Palestinian supporters it drove Israel from the area.

Palestinian WarriorsThat’s Islamofascist manly warrior priniciples in action, folks. The kind of military that indoctrinates its kindergartners in Jew-hatred and trains them with toy missle launchers. The same people who make their women hide weapons in their underwear.

Is there a state — to use that term loosely — more perverted than Palestine?

Hat tip: the as-ever intrepid Jihad Watch.

4 thoughts on “Manipulating the News, Big Time

  1. I think it’s going a bit far to equate the entire Palestinian population and Hamas. . .but yeah, that picture is disturbing. It reminds me of a post by Lileks that ended with a picture of a Palestinian child with a Hamas bandana and a grenade on a string around its neck.

  2. Arafat taught them well.. But, did he teach them enough ?? Hamas wants honor and pride, but how can that happen when they have sacrficed it at the altar of revenge.. The Palestinians have sold their soul to the Devil, and dedicated their lives to making others suffer.. If these people are who are going to be waiting for me in Heaven, then I would just as soon go to Hell..

  3. Hi Dymphna,
    Good post. I also did a post on this subject over at CUANAS. The thing that jumps out at me from this story is that it makes so clear the fact that Hamas, the second leading ruling party in the Palestinian territories, is indeed the official Palestinian army.

    I mean here you have a ruling party of a state, using their official radio station (National Public Radio, anyone?) to direct the actions of terror squads in the field.

    What is that, if not an army?

    Israel is being attacked by the army of another “state.” They are within their rights to put an absolute end to that army ability to fight.


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