2 thoughts on “From Haram to Halal in Seconds!

  1. Baron, I’m excited by this new and amazing product!

    Will Dhimmi Wash soon be available in America?

    Can Dhimmi Wash clean my filthiest dogs and pigs?

    Will Dhimmi Wash cleanse away the shame of bowing to my Islamist masters?

    Will I be able to afford Dhimmi Wash after paying jizyah?

    Please let me know soon. The attractive packaging has enticed me into ordering.

  2. Dhimmi Wash is designed to kill apes and pigs, naturally.

    As for you, Dhimmi Wash will be used on you, you filthy Crusader maggot. Think of it as having your mouth washed out with soap over and over and over and over…

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