Concerning Belmont Club

As many readers have noticed, the Belmont Club site is down again.

Wretchard says: “The Belmont Club is now totally unavailable. I am attempting to get Blogger to resolve the issues but there is no online support and the only replies I receive are canned email replies. Any ideas, anyone?”

In the meantime, he has begun yet another blog, Backup Belmont Club, at

If he stays there long enough, I’ll change the URL for him on our blogroll.

One thought on “Concerning Belmont Club

  1. Please forward to Wretchard.

    Last weekend I was trying to adjust my format. I started getting errors. I had to google the error message to get a clue, and eventully rebuilt my template from backups. The problems seemed to mostly go away when I republised from a different computer.

    From the way it is behaving now on my blog and others I have visited blogger made a background change in there code for internal linking with no publicity. The link for each post now goes to a tag in an archive rather than an indivdual message. With as much internal links as The Belmont Club has this could be a problem.

    Hope that helps.

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