From Haifa Street to Mosul

It seems that a cameraman with an inside track to the terrorists has been captured by US forces in Iraq. CNN reports:

     BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — A CBS stringer has been arrested as a suspected insurgent, U.S. military officials said Friday.
The video cameraman was wounded during a firefight in northeastern Mosul between U.S. troops and insurgents Tuesday.
U.S. military officials said the man’s camera held footage of a number of roadside bomb attacks against American troops, and they believe he was tipped off to those attacks.

As Belmont Club reported last December, the miraculous appearance of cameramen at precisely the right moment during terrorist attacks appears impossible without prior notification by and co-ordination with the terrorists themselves. Now one of these “journalists” seems to have been caught in the act. At Haifa Street it was an AP stringer; this time he was working for CNN:

     CBS said the photographer was hired about three months ago, and it asked news organizations not to identify him.
In a written statement, the network said the man was referred to the network by a “fixer” in Tikrit “who has had a trusted relationship with CBS News for two years.”
“It is common practice in Iraq for Western news organizations to hire local cameramen in places considered too dangerous for Westerners to work effectively,” the network said.

The US military wants the evidence in the photographer’s camera:

     One official said at least four videos in the man’s camera show roadside bomb attacks on U.S. troops.
All had been shot in a manner that suggested the cameraman had prior knowledge of the attacks and had scouted a shooting location in sight of the target.

We are accustomed to the idea that the major news media in America are fellow travellers with our enemies. From Walter Duranty and his cozy relationship with Stalin, through the television newscasts during the Tet Offensive, to Peter Arnett in Baghdad, the activities of our journalists have often given aid and comfort to those who are implacably opposed to us.

But first at Haifa Street, and now in Mosul, we have something different. How many more are there? The actions of CBS border on active collaboration with the enemy.

Where is the outrage?

3 thoughts on “From Haifa Street to Mosul

  1. Outrage will surely be forthcoming. It will show itself in the form of a Pulitzer prize for his photographs…

    Now what if this guy had been in Iran? How many pieces do you think his camera would be in? How many pieces of him would they be holding for ransom?

  2. I didn’t see this link in your post, hope I’m not repeating link: CBS Video Report.
    # VIDEOCAM HAD SHOTS OF FOUR SEPARATE SHOOTINGS @ Saturday, April 09, 2005 5:55 PM
    C BS video of rebel cameraman here:

    Mr Prettyboy Doe Eyed Mapes gives his sincere line of BS, Older Dude reports:
    You got a permit to carry that thing?

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