It’s Steam Engine Time

In my most recent post, The Enemy Within, Part III, I explored the ways in which religion and science have parted company, and the resulting emergence of the religion of Orthodox Secularism. In today’s Jewish World Review, Cal Thomas takes on the same issue:

Historically, Christians dominated the professions, not solely by force of law, but by the power of their ideas and example… What happened to rob music, philosophy, law and science of such great thoughts and expressions? In part it was preaching that asserted engagement with “the world” would taint the believer and so it was best to separate one’s self from its “corrupting” influence. The result has been similar to what happens when a feeding tube is removed from a comatose person. The patient starves to death.

Culture is starving because too many with a worldview that differs from the prevailing one have withdrawn their nurturing influence. It doesn’t help when such people are persuaded it is better to criticize institutions and their products, rather than going them one better.

Read the whole thing: Shedding light in dark places.

One thought on “It’s Steam Engine Time

  1. Thanks for the article.

    Theology once was called the Mother of Sciences.

    Mucn of modern sciences seem like orphans.

    Possibly there is a connection.

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