Standing Together for the Jews


In a the comments section on Belmont Club, a regular commenter, Buddy Larsen, responded to an anti-Zionist commenter with the following post, which is worth reproducing in its entirety:

Cedarford, I’m not gonna ignore you; you are no dummy, and you’re trying hard to present an alternate Israel narrative. So let me be blunt. I don’t give a rat’s ass if Israel has stepped on toes. Birth is not a pretty process. If Sharon and Bush are licking each other’s boots and they make a little room on the side somewhere, I’ll crawl up and lick boots, too.

I Like Israel. I like Jews. They’re smarter than anyone else except maybe Chinese Nukuler Fizzassists, and their women are gorgeous. Jews and Blacks make almost [all] the fun and wit and music in America. Us honkies just watch, and Thank Jesus we have more than Ingmar Bergman and Monty Python.

Israel is a bona fide Heroic Saga, the only modern story that harks back to our mythic heroic western cultural birth. It is a heroic archteypal little nation that has held its shit together surrounded by 500 million ravening death demons and a corrupted old whore of a U.N. so soaked in Jew-hatred that it squishes bile everytime it lifts a flabby ass-cheek to fart at America and her friends.

And yet still, still, Israel holds optimism up and and keeps the faith, so that the best part of the world has an example of the indomitable nature of the human spirit.

So, I don’t care that much about your case. You may be right, but I don’t care. I need, I personally need, for Israel to thrive. The Israel story to me is a strong validation of the triumph of good over evil. Should Israel fall, that to me would be a signal of the final fall of mankind.

Do you see what I mean, Cedarford? Israel is SPIRITUALLY correct, so it doesn’t matter a flying fig to people like me whether or not she is politically correct.

And, thank you for clarifying my feelings for me. Never would’ve drilled into it this deeply, without your comments. But, I can’t understand your position. You might as well be from Mars as far as I’m concerned. What would YOU like to see happen to Israel, Cedarford? And you still haven’t discussed the ‘Protocols’.