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The Pedagogical Improvement Industry

Below is a brief excerpt from an article by Thomas Paulitz, published on December 7 by Junge Freiheit and translated by JLH. The translator includes this introductory note:

This is the beginning of an article on the attempt to “reform” spelling in Germany. The damage caused by people who have an agenda but no intelligence interfering in what was once a working system reminds me of the havoc being wrought by multiculti Common Core thinking.

The translated excerpt:

The Great Confusion

Learning to spell in spite of school

The fourth-grader wrote:

“Liebe Fata ales gute zum Fatatag. Ich hab dich lib.”

(“deer dadi, hapi dadis dai. I luv u.”)

When Brandenburg CDU representative Henryk Wichmann received these phrases from his daughter, it dawned on him that something is wrong with the teaching of spelling in our state. In many elementary schools, children first learn with the help of “sound tablets” to “write what they hear.” Thanks to the pedagogical improvement industry. So in September Wichmann queried the state government. Which found nothing to complain about.

Wichmann’s daughter now goes to a private school.

How bad does it have to be in our educational system, if parents are looking for a way to take their children out of the public school system? For decades, the ministries of culture have given in to pressure from interest groups…

JLH reports that the rest of the article is an examination of the silliness of German orthographical reform, and is probably of little interest to anyone whose native language is not German.

A further note: as far as I know, homeschooling is against the law in Germany. So for families of modest means, there is no alternative except to deliver their children to the public school system, where young minds are wiped and imprinted with Multicultural indoctrination.

The Obama administration intends to force similar rules upon the USA, if it has its way. The entire Western world will fall into the same pit unless ordinary people wake up and resist en masse.

The few remaining children we produce will be turned into mindless drones addicted to hand-held electronic devices and preoccupied with narcissistic self-gratification.

But none of them will be racists or homophobes! We can at least console ourselves with that knowledge as the curtain of darkness descends upon us.

Joy at the Air and Space Museum

The United States Air Force Band performed as a flash mob at the National Air and Space Museum on Dec. 3, 2013. Their Christmas season selection began with “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach and finished with “Joy to the World”:

One can’t help but wonder whether the top administrators at the Smithsonian were aware of this event before it occurred. Two explicit references to Jesus — the horror! If the video becomes popular enough, we may expect the ACLU to intervene with one of its deep-pockets lawsuits.

Until then, however — Joy!

Hat tip: Forever Infidel.

The Doctrine of Abrogation

In the comments on Geert Wilders’ open letter to Pope Francis, a reader named MH indicated that he was unfamiliar with — or was pretending to be unfamiliar with — the Islamic doctrine of abrogation as it applies to contradictory verses within the Koran.

In a nutshell, any earlier verse of the Koran is considered “abrogated” if a later verse contradicts it. The chronology of the suras of the Koran has been well-established by a consensus of Islamic scholars, so an observant Muslim can be in no doubt as to whether any particular verse of the Koran is binding upon him under Islamic law.

Retired U.S. Army Major Stephen Coughlin is one of the foremost experts on Islamic law in the Western world. Several years ago I had the privilege of helping with the editing of material that Steve was putting together, including the following section on the Koranic basis for the doctrine of abrogation. The text below is reproduced with his permission.

The Doctrine of Abrogation
By Maj. Stephen Coughlin

At the very pinnacle of Islamic law is the Koran, which is the uncreated word of God as revealed through his Prophet.

So what is abrogation?

This is what Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee has to say about abrogation in Islamic Jurisprudence:[1]

The law was laid down in the period of the Prophet (peace be unto him) gradually and in stages. The aim was to bring a society steeped in immorality to observe the highest standards of morality. This could not be done abruptly. It was done in stages, and doing so necessitated repeal and abrogation of certain laws.

As you can see, Nyazee acknowledges that the Koran contradicts itself. Upon discovering this fact, someone who knows little about Islam might say, “The Koran contradicts itself. Doesn’t this mean it’s broken?” But anyone who takes the time to look into the scholarship will learn that is well understood in Islam that the Koran contradicts itself. This fact is explained, and taken into account. There are methods for dealing with it.

This becomes significant when non-Muslims approach a Muslim cultural expert or “moderate” to ask about certain verses of the Koran that are cited by radicals to justify their violent jihad. The cultural expert or “moderate” will respond with something like this: “You (infidel) must read from the entire body of the Koran to understand the true meaning. Those radicals cherry-pick from the back of the Koran.”

With this reply the cultural expert gives the impression that he does not agree with the radicals, but he never actually says that what they cherry-pick is wrong.

So what is the Koranic basis for the doctrine of abrogation?

It is a Qur’an which We have divided into parts from time to time, in order that thou mightest recite it to men at intervals: We have Revealed it by stages. (Qur’an 17:106)

Concerning this verse, the Qur’an commentator Yusuf Ali says:[2]

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Memo to Geert Wilders Concerning “Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis”

Takuan Seiyo has written a response to Geert Wilders after reading the PVV leader’s open letter to Pope Francis.

Memo to Geert Wilders concerning “Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis”

Dear Geert,

Bravo! I am a supporter and admirer. I do not “get” at all your White critics and persecutors, except those who are Socialists and pursue a not-so-secret strategy of destroying the West via the Cultural Marxist prescription of, as British Labor has admitted, “rubbing their face in it.”

But you have not gone far enough either in your criticism of this “Liberation Catholic” Pope nor in your own positions relative to Muslim presence in the Netherlands, in Europe and in the West. I will help you with the former; the latter would be redundant as your country is too far gone for you to state the truth openly. You have already been punished enough just for stating the half-truth.

It needs to be said, however, that your going on about Islam, the Koran and all that is like a discourse about the volatility and flammability of paint solvent, without touching on the issues of who has placed this large, open container of it so close to the stove, why, and what needs to be done about that.

The Koran is not the problem, no matter how vile its content. The Koran existed in the same form in 1813, 1913, 1953 etc, yet there was no problem. The problem had ended in the years 1683-1715 through the application of brutal force. There was no problem because there were hardly any Muslims living in the West, and the West was strong, not engaged in the constant mea culpa, self-torture and scraping of old wounds that opportunistic pathogens, the Ummah chief among them, have now so skillfully utilized to their advantage.

The Pope’s statement you address is therefore colossally deluded even beyond the false apprehension of Islam that you have so skillfully skewered. The lines in Evangelii Gaudium about Christian persecutions of the Jews are of central importance here, for Europe’s hara-kiri now is in unacknowledged self-punishment for the mistreatment of Europe’s Jews in the past. But just as the Christian persecutions of Jews were vile madness, and Hitler’s industrial abattoir another, greater madness, so is our self-eviscerating expiation now, reflected in the Pope’s super-ecumenical pabulum.

All this reflects a strange binary syndrome wherein our collective consciousness and history swing like a pendulum always from one extreme pole to the other, never able to contain the amplitude within a homeostatic zone of salutary equilibrium. This is how I described the syndrome in an article for The Brussels Journal in 2007:

“Unlike the Confucians, Daoists or Zenists, we are a cultural species apparently unable to internalize and act on any reality but that which we construe at either of the far ends of the arc of the pendulum. We go from Hitler to our self-inflicted Hitler’s revenge; from vile, racially targeted, industrial-scale mass murder to masochistic, self-erasing impotence; from scientific racism to nonscientific anti-racism; from ein volk to ‘celebrating diversity.’”

Frank admission of early madness is a precondition for recognizing that what we are doing now is the antipole madness. Pope Francis has laudably recognized the former, without evincing any consciousness that he himself is an important agent in the current mirror-image lunacy.

The seppuku-by-thirdworlder-immigration, particularly Muslim immigration, and even more so the deep lying about it, are a prima facie civilizational psychosis, a suicide to atone for a homicide — of Jews. The mysterious Spanish writer Sebastián Vivar Rodríguez expressed this well in his poetic lament “Europa murió en Auschwitz” (reposted here). I did so differently, in an article for The Brussels Journal that discussed the negative impact of immigration on Switzerland:

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The Full Kowtow

In last Sunday’s post about the “barroom brawl” I wondered whether Andrew McCarthy’s kid-glove treatment of the fracas over Diana West — in particular his omission of any mention of David Horowitz in his account of the affray — would assuage the ire of the powerful conservatives who decided to “take down” Ms. West.

Well, wonder no longer. As expected, Mr. McCarthy’s reticence failed to protect him. Conrad Black has delivered a firm warning to the former prosecutor today in a column at NRO, “The Right’s Schism on History”.

Mind you, his tone in this tract is much more civil than previously, probably because he is addressing his friend rather than chastising a non-“house-trained” “right-wing loopy” who dared to differ with his own view of history by writing a “farrago of lies” in her “jejune dementedness”.

Below are excerpts from Mr. Black’s admonitory treatise:

This is not a return to Diana West’s book. However, Andy McCarthy, a man for whom I have very great respect and whom I like very much, has written a review of it in The New Criterion that, because of its revisionist presentation of a number of historical events, is among the most discouraging political documents I have read in many years. Mr. McCarthy, a former prosecutor and distinguished and perceptive writer of the sensible Right, has frequently inspired me by his writing, and when I met him, at a difficult time in my own former travails, by his conversation also. I confidently turned to his review of Ms. West’s America Betrayed [sic], which readers of this column will find it hard to forget after the robust knockabout the book received here and in her reply to me. The rigor of the review and its application to the book are matters I will address in a letter to The New Criterion, which the editor of that publication graciously invited, as I am mentioned, quite unexceptionably, in the review.

What seriously depresses me are three positions taken in the review. First is Andy McCarthy’s view that the scandalous, cowardly refusal of the mainstream elite of American culture and politics to recognize that America’s Islamist enemies are enemies can be traced to Soviet infiltration of the U.S. government in World War II. It is a fact that alarms and disgusts all of us in this debate, including Ms. West and her more vocal (than I am) critics, but I do not agree about the source of the problem. Second is Andy’s qualified accommodation, as worthy of reasonable consideration, of the claims by Ms. West that Lend-Lease was at least in significant part a mistaken reinforcement of Stalinist totalitarianism to the ultimate detriment of the West; that the Normandy invasion served Stalin’s purposes and enhanced his penetration of Western Europe; that Franklin D. Roosevelt was more or less ambivalent about the comparative virtues of Stalinist Communism and Western democracy (though he acknowledges that FDR disapproved of the barbarism of Stalin’s rule); that the Yalta agreement “gave” Stalin half of Europe; and that the Roosevelt and Truman administrations were so significantly influenced in a pro-Soviet direction by Soviet agents and such arch-sympathizers that the distinction between an agent and a sympathizer was academic in the United States. And third, I am distressed by Andy McCarthy’s partial defense of Joseph R. McCarthy and his conclusion that the smear of McCarthy enabled Communism and anti-American reflexes to flourish in the United States through all the intervening years and are responsible for the inadequate general response to the Islamist threat that, I repeat, all the participants in this very heated and prolonged exchange revile in almost equally emphatic strictures.

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Grooming Gangs and Sharia

The epidemic of “grooming and pimping” gangs — which, as Vlad has often pointed out, are more accurately described as “sex-slavery rings” — is predominantly a European phenomenon. The plague is spreading, however, and is now being recognized in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

An article by Sonia Bailley today at The American Thinker tells the story:

Grooming Gangs and Sharia
by Sonia Bailley

Muslim groups around the world are crying Islamophobia and playing the victim card as horrific Islamic-motivated crimes, such as grooming and rape-gangs, rage on with impunity throughout the Western world, especially in Europe. Rape or grooming gangs, which are almost entirely Muslim, are committing a crime that is religiously mandated in Islamic doctrine.

Muslim grooming gangs have been operating unchallenged in Europe for over 20 years, especially in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, and France. These widespread and highly organized gangs continue to rape and pimp non-Muslim underage schoolgirls who are used as sex slaves and sometimes tortured or killed. Just recently, in mid-2013, British police arrested 45 mostly Muslim men (mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi) in West Yorkshire belonging to the largest grooming gang uncovered in the UK.

Throughout Europe, gang members are being described as “Asians”, and not Muslim. Governments, police forces, social services, childcare agencies, the mainstream media, and even academics fear being falsely accused by leftists and Muslim groups of Islamophobia or “racism” if they were to publicly identify the gangs as Muslim. In Britain, a detailed and comprehensive report will be issued next year illustrating the failure of the government to stop Muslim grooming gangs.

No country with a Muslim population is immune to grooming gangs. America is on the same path as Europe and trailing not too far behind. In fact, Muslim grooming gangs (mainly Somali) have already found their way to the streets of America. These gangs have been operating for over 10 years in Minnesota, Tennessee, Michigan, and Ohio. The largest grooming case in U.S. history was from Somali immigrant communities in Minneapolis (MN) and Nashville (TN), in which 29 Somali Muslims were indicted in 2010 for kidnapping, raping, and selling underage girls between 2000 and 2010.

Canada and Australia are also seeing their fair share of Muslim grooming gangs. But as with Europe, government agencies assume the politically-correct approach in insisting that Islam has nothing to do with this crime, and the mainstream media fails to report these gang members as being mainly Muslim. In doing so, the rape and exploitation of thousands more vulnerable schoolgirls are being facilitated. Also, many Muslim gang-rapes go unreported because the victims are too scared or embarrassed to report these crimes.

Why is this horrific global crime of child grooming a phenomenon that occurs mainly amongst Muslim immigrants from Islamic countries?

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Cleaning up the Blood and Broken Glass

Andrew McCarthy discusses the controversy over Diana West’s book today in a brief piece entitled “On American Betrayal” posted at The Corner. In it he addresses the “awful things” that certain parties have said to or about certain other parties in the course of the fracas.

Several people have written to tell us about Mr. McCarthy’s post, and all of them are convinced that his essay is a response to yesterday’s article about the “barroom brawl” that ensued after the publication of Diana West’s book.

But I’m not so sure. The nasty ad-hominem attacks against the author of American Betrayal have been hanging in the air for the past four months. Anyone who has been paying attention to the book is well aware of them. The fact that Andrew McCarthy decided to discuss the issue today may well be a complete coincidence.

Be that as it may, let’s take a look at what the former prosecutor has to say about the egregious treatment of his colleague Diana West by certain critics who disagree with the conclusions she reaches in her book. Here’s the text of his remarks, with suitable phrases bolded for further attention:

Contrary to the views expressed by some people I greatly respect, including Conrad Black here at NRO, I liked my friend Diana West’s controversial book, American Betrayal. I explain why in the new edition of The New Criterion, here. I do not want to belabor the argument — it is there for anyone who is interested. I do want to address something I did not get into in the review: the name-calling that has marred the controversy over the book. Awful things have been said about Diana, who is not “deranged,” “a right-wing loopy,” “McCarthy’s heiress” (that would be Joseph McCarthy) or the like. Awful things have also been said about my friends David Horowitz and Ron Radosh, who have made lasting contributions to the conservative movement and to the imperative of honest, forceful debate, and who are the antithesis of “book-burners” and “closet-Commies.”

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An Addled Barroom Brawler

A long-expected review by Andrew McCarthy of Diana West’s book American Betrayal was published this month in The New Criterion under the title “Red Herrings”. Outside the cohort of specialists in the history of Soviet espionage in the United States, Mr. McCarthy’s piece is the first even tentatively positive review published by a major writer. The reviewer is to be commended for his willingness to resist the overwhelming pressure that has been exerted on other writers not to display any public approval of Diana West’s book.

As mentioned in previous posts, I have not read American Betrayal, and am therefore not qualified to critique its arguments. Since all the uproar began back in August, my focus has been the process of the controversy, rather than the content. The egregiously uncivil ad-hominem attacks aimed at the author were the issue, rather than her conclusions — which may stand or fall on their merits, as with any other book. As a result this essay will focus on how Andrew McCarthy portrays Diana West and her critics, and analyze some of his arguments.

Mr. McCarthy has a number of good things to say about the book, although his review tends to praise it with faint damns. For example, coming from a former Team B-II co-author with Diana West who considers her a friend, his opening paragraph is somewhat perplexing:

Stumbling into a barroom brawl was the last thing I’d intended. Lined up on one side: sculptors of a hagiography that is now conventional wisdom crow about a noble conquest over totalitarian dictators. The other side bellows: “Nonsense! In defeating one monster, your heroes merely helped create another, sullying us with their atrocities and burdening us for decades with a global security nightmare.” The first side spews that its critics are deranged, defamatory conspiracy-mongers. The critics fire back that these “court historians” are in denial; their heroes did not really “win” the war, they just helped a different set of anti-American savages win—in the process striking a deal with the devil that blurred the lines between good and evil, rendering the world more dangerous and our nation more vulnerable.

Whether he realizes it or not, Mr. McCarthy is engaging in a traditional form of journalistic moral equivalence in this passage, something more commonly found on the Left than on the Right. A writer may choose to utilize the technique when, for whatever reason — expedience, fear, a reluctance to anger a powerful antagonist — he wants to create the appearance of engaging an important topic without actually taking a moral stance.

Lined up on one side… The other side bellows… The first side spews… The critics fire back…

Notice that the “other side”, the one he mostly agrees with, “bellows” its responses. Hmm… not what you would expect in a portrayal of his journalistic colleagues and friends.

This is the same rhetorical technique used by MSM journalists when describing Israel vs. Hamas, or the Nigerian government vs. Boko Haram. For example: “Attempts to get both sides to the negotiating table have been fruitless.” This device transforms each “side” into a mirror image of the other, and Side A (the victim) becomes just as responsible for the bloodshed as Side B (the aggressor). It spares the writer from having to say, “Side B is morally wrong. I stand with Side A.”

Note that the controversy over American Betrayal is labeled a “barroom brawl”. By implication Diana West is a barroom brawler — someone who decided to smash an empty whiskey bottle on the bar rail and lay into her fellow drinkers.

I object to this characterization.

A more apt metaphor would be: Diana West was hit from behind with a sucker punch by someone playing the “knockout game”. When she came to, a movie set of a Wild West saloon had been lowered around her — bar, mustachioed bartender, stools, glass mirror, bottles, etc. — and numerous unshaven thugs were hitting her with fists and chairs in preparation for throwing her through a sugar glass window out into the muddy street.

That’s the only way that Ms. West could ever be described as taking part in a metaphorical “barroom brawl”.

A further characterization of Ms. West may be found on page 2 of the article (page 80 of the magazine):

The matter especially addles West because of today’s paralyzing ambivalence about Muslim supremacism.

“Addles”? Really?

So Diana West is not only a barroom brawler, she is an addled barroom brawler?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

If Mr. McCarthy had ignored the “barroom brawl” entirely and simply reviewed the contents of American Betrayal, there would have been no issue. He has given the book a positive appraisal, after all, and few people would join such a food fight voluntarily.

But he did not ignore it. In addition to the first paragraph of his review, there is this mention (p. 5/83):

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Flatline Europe

Below are a week’s worth of entertaining news about the latest antics of the European Union as it attempts to micro-manage the affairs of its citizens in the most corrupt and incompetent ways imaginable.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this report from Die Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

It Stinks and Crumbles

The Week in Review with Hans Heckel
November 8, 2013

(How the EU follows us even into the toilet, what Washington and Brussels think, and how we will identify who is evil)

Crapping Out

It’s just impossible to keep up. First we had to stomach the EU vacuum cleaner ordinance.* And now the Eurocrats are following us into the bathroom. Say hello to the European toilet flushing ordinance! After a year of scientific effort, the EU experts have calculated how much flush water is needed to dispose of what we leave behind.

After countless meetings and practice tests, they concluded that 5 liters is enough. EU standardized toilets should not require more per use. However, just so they do not seem petty, the experts are willing to set an upper limit of 6 liters. Now that is something!

But what will the EU do, if unintelligent defecators sneakily circumvent the guidelines and flush twice? There is still a worthwhile investigative task here for the Brussels latrine committee.

Don’t laugh! They are not doing this for their own amusement, but to save the planet. Since it is dry in southern Spain, it is unconscionable that people in sopping wet Hamburg should waste any more water. To be sure, not one drop of the water available in Hamburg will get to Spain. But seen purely statistically, the situation would improve. And that is what interests us.

Side-effects are of no interest to the experts in Brussels. Side-effects like the following. Population is shrinking in many German rural communities, so increasingly less water is being drawn from a water supply network that has remained constant, and the pipes are strained by that. Waterworks are already being forced to pump water through the pipes, simply to prevent decay. Water that never runs out of a tap or down a toilet. Brussels’ little trick will just make this worse.

It does not occur to the Eurocrats in Brussels that the same water conservation regulations for the Iberian semi-desert and the sopping wet regions of north Europe is nonsense. What we want, surely, is the most “similar” possible living conditions all across Europe. And for that we must have the same rules for everyone. Well, at least nature in Spain will be indebted to the EU… or not? The question is, is it really the toilets that use so much water? Or perhaps, the gigantic, artificially watered fields, created with juicy EU financial grants. Or hundreds of golf courses that owe their existence to EU incentives and must be watered every night so that the Andalusian sun does not turn them into steppes?

No, it’s the john! First, because visitors to the bathroom have no lobby, like the golf course developers or agribusiness and, second, because…well, it doesn’t matter. We will bravely bear this restriction too, even if the consequences stink to high heaven.

It’s Not the River Kwai

Europe doesn’t come cheap, but then, it does great things. For over a hundred years, the residents of the village Widin in the northwest tip of Bulgaria have dreamed of a bridge over the Danube connecting them with Rumanian Calafat.

Nothing happened until the EU came. Last June, EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn celebrated the opening of the three-and-a-half-kilometer engineering marvel. It was a true example of European cooperation: built by a Spanish construction firm with Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and a few Bulgarian construction workers and made possible by an EU grant of €106 million — mostly from Germany, as usual. So Hahn symbolically christened it “New Europe.” Applause.

Who “New Europe” connects to whom was lost in the euphoria. People are leaving this area in droves. So, soon hardly anyone will need the bridge.

But that is just as well. Just four months after the dedication, “New Europe” is falling apart. The Spanish firm was so sloppy that even the Balkan authorities are indignant. So the Spanish firm will have to pay damages, right?

Unfortunately, no. There was no guarantee in the contract. The construction firm just had to make sure while they were bumbling that their underhanded maneuvers did not come to light before the transfer of ownership. After that? Up yours! Of course it would be presumptuous and downright Europe-hostile to assume any kind of corruption here. But it is touching to learn that EU and local authorities have worked so closely with the construction firm that the firm could disappear without a shred of responsibility.

The Mouse That Squeaked

Above all, we should not let snafus like this confound our belief in the EU. Who would we be in the world if Europe did not speak with one voice? Faced with great powers like the USA, only the EU as a whole
can have an effect.

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Thanksgiving Day in America, 2013



A determination to practice the habit of finding the good in our lives. A decision of the heart to set aside at least one day in which we can step back to let the True, the Good, and the Beautiful take center stage in an increasingly dysphoric world.

Those three qualities are hardwired into our human make-up. Despite the many setbacks we are witness to, we continue to hold out hope for the triumph of good over evil. We can only work on our small part of the world, but that is work enough.

There are many versions of this Harvest Hymn (Purcell’s music). I chose this one for the Baron, just because the scenes are from his home during his high school years. It was obviously a bountiful season for Harrogate’s Annual Autumn Flower Show:

There is much to be thankful for this year at Schloss Bodissey. Here are just the recent highlights — our own personal perspective:

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Bukovsky and Stroilov: ‘American Betrayal’ Will Make History

Below are excerpts from an article by Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov about Diana West’s book American Betrayal. It serves as the introduction to Chapter One from Judgement in Moscow, Vladimir Bukovsky’s book, which has never been published in English before:

West’s ‘American Betrayal’ Will Make History

by Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov

The debate over Diana West’s book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character has been far below the intellectual standard set by the book itself. Both sides now seem to regret the fact that the debate has degenerated into a personal squabble and are keen to end “the war of words.”

In this spirit, hopefully we shall be excused for declining to respond to personal attacks against us, to accusations that we joined personal attacks against others, and to the criticism that we are blaming the wrong people for starting all those personal attacks. The serious issues raised in Mrs. West’s book certainly deserve a more intelligent debate.

Contrary to the complacent myths of the establishment, the United States and other Western democracies have not won the Cold War. Of course, on the simplistic view of it as a purely military confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, the former can claim a formal victory simply by having survived its adversary.

However, the Cold War was always much more than just a military conflict. It was an ideological war waged by the totalitarian utopia of Socialism against our civilization; and on that level, the most optimistic view of it is that it still goes on. The Soviet Union is gone, but Russia is still governed by a junta of Gestapo officers; China is still governed by the Communist Party; and the Western world is governed by closet Marxists and Mensheviks, imposing on us yet another version of the same socialist utopia. Those are facts of life, and whether or not you accept Mrs. West’s explanation of their historic causes, they do need some explanation. Surely, if the free world really won the Cold War against totalitarianism, we should have been in a better shape now.

The truth is that the Western Establishment surrendered to Socialism long, long ago. Of course, the left was only glad to surrender: to them, the Soviets were no enemies, but allies pursuing the same goals, though perhaps somewhat mistaken about the tactics. Moreover, while the left surrendered enthusiastically, the right surrendered reluctantly — but they did surrender, too. The “conservatives” accepted socialism as the inevitable future of the world, which could, perhaps, be delayed, but could not be destroyed.

This is why, even at the better moments of the Cold War, their strategy was limited to “containment” of the communist expansion, but never went as far as “roll-back.” This is why, whenever a right-wing government succeeded a left-wing one, it always made a gloomy declaration that “you cannot unscramble the eggs,” and would not try to undo the damage caused by their predecessors. This is why, until the very last moment, anyone even mentioning the possibility of a collapse of the Soviet Union was considered a heretic, if not a lunatic. This is why the most conservative politicians of the West became loyal supporters of Comrade Gorbachev: if socialism as such was invincible, some moderate reforms of the system were the best you could hope for. And finally, this is why the downfall of Gorbachev’s regime came as a total surprise to the entire world — not as a long-awaited victory.

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Norway and Kenya Terrorism

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Norway and Kenya Terrorism
by Fjordman

On 21 September 2013, a group of gunmen without warning attacked hundreds of unarmed civilians at the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack and siege lasted for several days and resulted in the deaths of 61 civilians, 6 Kenyan soldiers and 4 attackers. Several hundred people were wounded as well.

Al-Shabaab, a Somali militant Islamic group with ties to the terror network al-Qaida, claimed responsibility for this attack. It was one of the worst terror attacks in Kenya since the bombing of the United States embassies in Nairobi and in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1998. That mass murder was also carried out by Muslims. They, too, had ties to al-Qaida, the Jihadist terrorist network of Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The attackers behind the siege of the Westgate shopping mall had been living in Nairobi and plotted the attack for several months, according to a Western source. Kenyan officials believe they have determined the identities of four attackers who stormed the mall. All four of the men are Somalis, although one of them, identified as Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, grew up in Norway and was a Norwegian citizen. They entered Kenya from Somalia in June 2013. Four other men have so far been charged as accomplices to the terror attack.

In an update written by Nicholas Kulish and published in The New York Times on November 18 2013, the NYT didn’t once use the words “Muslim” or “Islamic” to refer to these mass murdering terrorists. They were merely referred to as “men” or “Somali citizens.” In contrast, after Anders Behring Breivik’s massacre in 2011, Kulish was in the same newspaper very quick to tie Breivik to alleged “right-wing extremists” who oppose Muslim immigration.

This is dishonest journalism. The specifically Islamic nature of the mall attack in Nairobi couldn’t be more obvious than it is. Even mainstream news reporters from the broadcaster CNN stated that the ruthless terrorists “took turns to pray, removing shoes to perform the ritual washing in a room stacked with boxes. They bowed down in Islamic prayer, taking a break from incessant gunfire.” In video footage from the shopping mall, the gunmen are seen shooting members of the public and taking breaks for prayers in between their massacre. They also talked on their mobile phones occasionally.

An eyewitness said that the attackers had told Muslims to leave and that only non-Muslims would be targeted. Others were asked to name the mother of the Islam’s prophet Mohammad or given other Islam-related questions. As terrified civilians hid in toilet stalls or in ventilation shafts, the assailants began a game of questions to separate Muslims from those they considered infidels. A Jewish man scribbled a Koranic quote on his hand to memorize, after hearing that the terrorists were asking captives to recite Koranic verses.

Numerous survivors described how the attackers from the militant group al-Shabaab shot people who failed to provide the correct answers. In an email exchange with The Associated Press, Shabaab made its intentions clear: “The Mujahideen [Islamic Holy Warriors] carried out a meticulous vetting process at the mall and have taken every possible precaution to separate the Muslims from the Kuffar [infidels] before carrying out their attack.”

In other words, this was a specifically Islamic attack dedicated to traditional Jihadist principles. It systematically targeted non-Muslims, although some Muslims were also accidentally hit in the process.

Although not all of the details were yet clear at the time of writing, one of the primary suspects named so far from this terror attack is Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow. He was registered at an address in Larvik, southern Norway, as late as in 2009. “He was a quiet guy,” said a former classmate in Norway. “He was very committed to his religion, but not extreme. He brought a prayer mat to school.”

Abdukadir Mohamed Abdukadir, known as Ikrima, is thought to be a key player behind the siege at Kenya’s Westgate Mall. Intelligence officials say Ikrima is a commander and active recruiter within the Somali militant group al-Shabaab. He is believed to be associated with those who planned the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombing in Kenya that killed more than 200 people. Ikrima grew up in Kenya and speaks several languages — including English, Somali, Swahili, French, Norwegian and some Arabic. He came to Norway in 2004 “and left in a hurry in 2008,” according to Norwegian TV2 correspondent Bent Skjærstad, who has been investigating Ikrima.

It was there that Hamisi Mbombe befriended Ikrima. They met at the Ringsaker Refugee Center, about two hours north of Oslo. “He had two sides, he was literally two-faced,” Mbombe says. “All smiles and pleasant to the boss, quite charming when he was outside, but back in the center he was unfriendly and aggressive. He spoke a lot about Norway and the Norwegians, saying he hated them and the Americans.”

Ikrima is a Kenyan citizen of Somali background. The Westgate Mall attack has raised more questions about his time in Norway. Could he have recruited Hassan Dhuhulow, the 23-year-old Somali Muslim and Norwegian citizen who appears to be one of the gunmen caught on surveillance cameras during the siege?

After Breivik’s attacks in Norway in 2011, the Western mass media launched a search for other alleged right-wing extremist Islamophobes who might be potential terrorists. Fingers were quickly pointed at the English Defence League (EDL), a street protest movement protesting against Islamization.

Yet the EDL are mentioned only a tiny handful of times in the 1518 pages of Breivik’s manifesto. The single longest mention of them there is actually extremely negative. They are there dismissed as a bunch of useless, non-violent sissies who won’t liberate Britain by blowing up British nuclear reactors. So Breivik’s open denunciation of the EDL for being non-violent in the mass media became twisted into the claim that Breivik supported the EDL.

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A Rosetta Stone for a Flag of Truth and Liberation

On November 24 we published “Let us Raise a Flag of Truth and Liberation” by Geert Wilders, along with his redesign of the Saudi flag.

Within an hour or so after it was posted, translations began to appear, beginning with French and German. Without any initiation of a formal process, a “Rosetta Stone” initiative spontaneously took form, and further translations began to arrive, or were posted on other sites. As they came in they were posted here.

All nineteen promised translations have now been posted, so the project has paused for a breather. The nineteenth translation was posted here a little more than 48 hours after Mr. Wilders’ original article went up, which set a new speed record for any Rosetta Stone project thus far.

Below is a list of the languages and their translators. We owe a great debt of gratitude to all the dedicated people who rushed these to us:

Language             Translator
Arabic Russkiy
Croatian Vortac
Czech MK
Danish Kitman and Steen
Dutch PVV
English PVV
Esperanto K. from Germany
Finnish Ibn Matti
French Alain Wagner
German Politically Incorrect
Hebrew DarLink
Hungarian Dzsihadfigyelo
Italian Herbrand
Polish Jacek K.
Portuguese Forever Infidel
Russian DarLink
Serbian Black George
Spanish IzM
Swedish Ted Ekeroth

If any more languages come in, they will be posted here, along with an updated list.