What To Do Instead of Watching the SOTU

Tonight is the State of the Union Address. He may be my President but as yet there is no law that says I have to watch him give yet one more version of his stump blah blah. Nor do I have any hope that he’ll change at this late date. Since they haven’t installed the retinal scan feedback yet, the one that will permit them to see if we’re being obedient citizens…

Twitter — at least the Vast Right Wing Gulag swamp over there — has a trending tagline: #What To Do Instead of Watching the SOTU.

Here is my suggestion: watch Dr. Ben Carson humble Obama at this year’s Prayer Breakfast. The speech on You Tube has a version broken up into sections, but I think the audio on this one is better. Dr Carson is soft-spoken, even with a microphone.

The right wing gulag on Twitter is streaming with chatter about Carson, including the lame idea he should “run for president”. Puhleeze!

I wrote about Dr. Carson in 2009, because he’s long been a hero of mine.

In our new iteration, this piece is attributed to the Baron. Normally I don’t mind, but Dr. Carson is mine, thank you very much. I grew Velcro just for the members of my Pantheon — and he is definitely one.

Of course, now he belongs to everyone since he softly, gently destroyed Obama’s cockamamie ideas and he did it at the National Prayer Breakfast where the Prez had to sit and take it. I don’t know who was responsible for tagging Dr. Carson for the keynote address at the Breakfast, but I’m sure they’re digging coal in Pennsylvania by now. Anyone could have told his staff this wouldn’t end well.

Here’s the full speech. It is about twenty-five minutes and worth every second. At least stay around for his story about the birds… oh, and at five minutes in, he says how evil political correctness is. Oh, and wait till he gets to his version of national medical care. Call it CarsonCare.

I love this man. If I remember correctly, all the links to his work are on my post from 2009.

Here’s his life story, which has suddenly, for some strange reason become #79 at Amazon books:

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story [Paperback]

Ben Carson is Da Man…

2 thoughts on “What To Do Instead of Watching the SOTU

  1. Wonderful speech, mostly directed at the ” Chosen One” who will of course take
    absolutely no notice, continuing his planned destruction of the strongest nation
    the World has ever known, a modern day Roman Empire, the US of A. Carson
    ought to be the one in the White House, sadly a very twisted and compromised
    individual is steering the Titanic full-speed ahead straight into a huge iceberg. I wonder how many millions of dollars this traitor has got stashed in the Cayman Isles from his Globalist masters.

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