The Solution to the Desertification of French Cities

As the “sensitive zones” in France become more “sensitive” — i.e. more Islamic — crime increases, businesses close down, and middle-class natives flee to safer and more commodious locations. The problem has been growing for decades, and now seems to be approaching a tipping point.

The following news report from French TV celebrates the solution to the problem of “desertification”: more Islam!

That’s right: to end the intimidation, threats, violence, theft, and vandalism, let the Muslims themselves assume control, and then normal life will resume. Businesses will return to desertified areas, and the few remaining “persons of French background” will be able to shop for necessities without traveling for miles.

Notice that the issue is not the ethnic background of the miscreants. The young hero of this story is Turkish, but many of his homies — the ones who work for him, and the neighbors he keeps in line — are almost certainly Algerians, Tunisians, black Africans, and various other ethnicities.

The common denominator is Islam. What has been installed in this neighborhood is blatant, unabashed sharia law.

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

There’s more at Vlad Tepes and Islam Versus Europe.


00:00   Moving on to sensitive neighbourhoods, there is often talk of desertification,
00:04   doctors moving away, traders closing shops.
00:08   Now it’s also supermarkets and convenience stores.
00:12   So how do, what do the local residents do to take the
00:16   initiative? Here’s an example, a city district
00:20   decided to take up the torch itself, Julien Peltier reports.
00:24   The Ragonez district in Saint Gratien
00:28   20 kilometres north of Paris, 5,800 residents and one shopping centre
00:32   which is emptying out from one day to the next, the last closure
00:36   last July when the major supermarket le Rideau moved out.
00:40   Now, Jose Dupuis
00:44   has a 15 minute walk to the center of the town to fill her shopping basket.
00:48   She’s been living here for 46 years and has never seen anything like it.
00:52   “There’s nothing here anymore, no butchers, no delicatessen …” But here plenty of people
01:01   are no longer able to make the journey. The situation has shocked
01:05   the local residents. You get everything from the centre
01:09   of town, and we are left here with nothing;
01:13   everything is closed. There are people, there are women … there are other people.
01:17   One tradesman was giving the youths money to go elsewhere,
01:21   but that’s just not normal. Three months ago a petition
01:25   campaigned in vain for the return of a convenience store. According to the MP for the city
01:29   the supermarket closed because the products had become too expensive for such a modest
01:33   district, but that’s not the explanation.
01:38   For a long time, in front of the buildings there were
01:42   gangs, young people who even
01:46   if they didn’t do anything illegal were unsettling
01:50   for the local population. All that doesn’t help
01:54   business. In the same way as Ragonez, in numerous districts the local trade
01:58   is disappearing. On average, in sensitive zones there are
02:02   32 shops for every 10,000 residents, which is a lot less than the national average of 59
02:06   shops for every 10,000 residents. But how genuine is this closing
02:10   of shops? What can be done to open them again?
02:14   Yusuf Akalin, 27, has perhaps found the solution.
02:18   This man, originally from Turkey, has been living here since he was 11.
02:22   He lives 200 metres from the shopping centre in the middle of the city,
02:27   a centre too that has been gradually losing its shops
02:31   in recent years. ‘Looking at all the robberies, all the theft, all the
02:35   attacks that took place, that’s when I said to myself,
02:39   if that had been me there wouldn’t have been this problem.’ For 1300 euros he bought
02:43   a large area of 1,500 square meters that he re-opened in 2010
02:48   and manages his way. While he keeps an eye on things, all of his 13 employees live in
02:52   in the area and his recruitment is 100% local.
02:56   He is trusted by the local residents and they let him resolve the security problems.
03:00   If we go to the police for any reason,
03:04   like someone who is out of place, as a balance, in fact they now leave us
03:08   to sort it out ourselves, that works much better. And the method has proven itself.
03:12   No robberies, no unpleasant incidents.
03:16   The customers are coming back, and other shops with them.
03:20   There are stores that are opening, pretty much like
03:24   the store next door, DIY that
03:28   you find … at the bottom, it is practical, like what I said.
03:32   For Yusuf … business is going so well that he is already thinking
03:36   of opening another shop in a different district of Saint Gratien.

11 thoughts on “The Solution to the Desertification of French Cities

  1. It seems to me that the brave and heroic French Resistance fighters of WWII failed to produce any offspring. No Frenchman carrying those bloodlines would stand for another foreign occupation without a fight. The progeny of French Resistance fighters would make the “enrichers,” so uncomfortable THEY would be the ones who left the neighborhoods of France for the safety of their countries of origin. What a shame…

    • The French resistance is still there; the problem isn’t the lack of a willingness to fight, it’s the lack of permission *to* fight. So they lie low, waiting.

      It’s like that throughout the Western world. And it’s a Western world that’s teetering on the edge…

      The French have been cowed like all European peoples have. Has there ever been a propaganda campaign like it: Every second of every day throughout the White world is pregnant with both subliminal and not so subliminal messages that combine sweet-talk and coercion to herd us towards acceptance of the status quo.

      The unthinking majority, those that vote for the establishment politicians in any given election, have swallowed the tale hook line and sinker. They still believe that the decision makers are acting in their interest.

      And that’s where we’re at. We are in the minority – so what. Hasn’t every movement for change begun as a minority?

      It’s a struggle; we’re part of it in its earliest stages. Most aren’t even aware of the issues – yet. But even an ostrich removes its head from the sand if a hefty boot is applied to its backside.

      Spengler says optimism is cowardice; if it is then isn’t pessimism also.

  2. Yes, the common denominator is Islam. Islam is not in favor of “crime”. Islam is not against “crime”. Islam has a double standard. So we should no longer complain about “crime”, but adopt a double standard ourselves. Christians should no longer oppose “abortion boats” sailing to Morocco. When a Muslim girl becomes a slut and has abortions, this is a victory for Christendom. Take that Rosary, and pray. I prayed the Rosary in order to promote abortion, and a few months later Rebecca Gomperts went out.
    We should instate inverse shari’a law. When a North-African steals from a French person, his hand should be cut off.

  3. Not Sharia — y e t — but certainly self-ghettoization.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, the local ‘youths’ pilfered our ‘hero’s’ competition right out of town.

    The tendency for islamic societies is for them to peak out as traders and merchants.

    That may prove a blessing.

    It’s scary: the worst of the worst AQ fanatics have been college educated (with technical degrees) in the West.

    It’s time to stop that.

  4. They leave the Turkish supermarket manager alone because he is a Moslem. There
    are no incidents because he is one of them. In other words the effect of importing
    these parasites is to replace the native people. Same story everywhere, native
    peoples have gotten so used to governments sorting everything out that when the governments let them down they cannot cope and look for a way out. That results
    in White Flight which is a tempoary fix. European governments are letting their
    people down and should be able to solve this problem easily. So why aren’t they
    doing just that ?

  5. ChristianInfidel says:

    Stunning. Pollyanna was a pessimist compared to this news team.

  6. So the solution to the problem should be that the turc opens a shop?
    Disgusting. He ought not to be in France in the first place.

  7. Nice racket. Muslims barrow thugs run legit business out of town, then one of them set up business and runs the rest of the kafir-owned business out of town. Never do business with Muslims. Simple.

  8. This is very interesting because they had only one person, Jane Kelly, speaking about the reality of Londonistan and a whole bunch of Muslims apologists and nobody addressing the real issues, with the exception of Jane. Al Jazeera does the same thing all the time………..unbalanced views on anything. They are as trustworthy as the pedophiles in the BBC……………………..

  9. How dishonest. The report states that things are much better because the “methods” of security have changed. It looks like only the people have. There is the vague mention that they are “sorting it out” themselves, but absolutely no focus on who the populations targeted before were, or who was doing the targeting. Just the “youths” that we always hear about.

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