The Latest on Tommy Robinson

The English Defence League has just posted an update on Tommy Robinson’s situation. The most important thing is Tommy’s new address at Wayland Prison. People are encouraged to send cards and notes to that address, and also money orders, since he lacks all ready cash to spend inside:

Stephen Lennon
Wayland Prison
IP25 6RL

Remember: DO NOT address mail to “Tommy Robinson” or mention the EDL, as these actions are considered grounds for withholding correspondence.

The latest news on Tommy is not encouraging, but hardly unexpected. The prison authorities have clearly been instructed to make their well-known guest as miserable as possible.

Visiting time has been cut from two hours to 70 minutes, so that Tommy’s children get that much less time to spend with their father. Scheduled visits have been reassigned from the customary 2pm to 9am, forcing his family to get up before dawn on the days that they travel to see him. Then, when they arrive, the abbreviated visiting period makes the circumstances that much more difficult and painful.

As the EDL report notes:

The more anger they generate, people become more determined, more resolute, and more likely to fight harder than ever before. The EDL is not something to be subdued or pressured into capitulation which is why they are dong their upmost to cause Tommy maximum upset for the remainder of his sentence.

Tommy reports that a Muslim inmate spits through his cell door on a daily basis, while the guards look on and do nothing. When he remonstrated with one of the guards, referring to the Muslim prisoner as “a dirty tramp”, the guard was concerned only that the Muslim’s feelings might have been hurt by Tommy’s words.

Tommy resorted to blocking his door with tissue paper to keep the spittle out, but was disciplined for doing so.

As the EDL says, “The prison system really want to break him and are certainly going the extra mile to make that happen.” They urge their supporters to make complaints on Tommy’s behalf using this letter as a model, making appropriate adjustments to the text in light of recent updates.

Read more at the English Defence League website.

33 thoughts on “The Latest on Tommy Robinson”

  1. What the hell is happening in England these days, as an Australian that has many fond memories of the home of my fathers in the 70′s & 80′s I am appalled at the failure of the rule of law and the depth the establishment has lowered themselves to placate their new Islamic masters.

      1. ChristianInfidel says:

        To Anonymous on February 4, 2013 at 7:10 a.m.–

        I’m not sure how to take your comment that “. . . Lennon broke the law . . .”

        In case you are asserting that nothing is amiss in Stephen Lennon’s case:

        The reader from Australia did not deny that Stephen Lennon broke the law. What many of us object to is: first, that his punishment and treatment have been draconian compared to how such crimes are generally handled in the UK; and, second, that there have been a number of reported incidents, including the spitting incident described above, that show unfair and sometimes clearly persecutorial treatment by the prison authorities.

        None of this is explained by Lennon’s having broken the law, but it would be explained by the authorities trying to break his spirit and destroy him and his family to the point where he gives up and retires from involvement in the EDL. If you review all the police actions Stephen Lennon has reported against him and his family over the last few years, either Stephen Lennon is a big liar or this scenario fits the evidence very well. Given that some of the police persecution of him is easily verifiable, I think the government has been and is trying to break him, using his family as pawns in the process.

      2. Serial muslim child-rapists in Britain are given their passports during their trials, allowing them to flee the country and return to Pakistan (a country with which the UK has no extradition treaty and which most Pakistanis acquire citizenship). The serial child-rapists thus escape justice.

        Presumably the “Anonymous Coward” who is happy to see Tommy in prison is also happy that child-rapists are not even kept on remand when they are eventually charged, and their passports are not retained by the police. I am sure we all despise such Anonymous Cowards for their racism towards the indigenous white population.

        Plenty of muslims in the UK have form when it comes to fleeing to their “home” country to escape justice. The gang of muslim racists who butchered a 15 y.o. white boy also fled to Pakistan to escape justice. The muslim MP who went to persuade their Pakistani families to send the 3 murderers back had to step down as a MP. Muslims in Glasgow would no longer vote for him, and were threatening to assassinate him.

        Even imams in Britain will simply flee the country than face their rightful prison sentences. One imam in Essex claimed he’d been kidnapped and threatened with death. He was betrayed by the very CCTV installed by police/council at a cost to non-muslims, following previous bogus threats to his safety.

        Tommy does not have dual nationality. All immigrants with dual nationality should be held on remand, even for trivial charges such as fraud with no monetary gain.

        That is the logical outcome of the delights of the “Anonymous Coward”.

        1. Our problem in UK is not just that we have a herd of pigs in Parliament, not just that we have a Prime Minister who is totally bought, but that we now also have a totally politicesed and corrupt judiciary. There was a time in living memory when we had an independant judiciary, now a distant memory. Add to this a Police Force who are no more than jobsworths at best, paid mercenaries and thugs at worst, and you can see that taking any other view than the uni-political one is a real struggle. We, the real Brititish people are losing position constantly, like sand slipping through the fingers. ‘They’ don’t care that we know that they are treating Tommy R most
          unfairly, they are brazen in their arrogance and
          contempt for decent people.

  2. And eh, shouldn’t it be postal orders? Best check & make sure – a postal order should be available at the local post office, so far as I know. Easy enough to get one and send it to the above address, I would think.

  3. Nick –

    Yes, he was convicted. His court appearance was on January 7th, if I recall correctly.

    They’re called “postal orders” in the UK, but we call them “money orders” here in the USA. Since I’m an American, I default to American terminology in most circumstances.

  4. I’m sure Tommy can handle it, after all it is only small potatoes at the moment. It’s
    petty really, I’m a bit surprised they actually bother to persecute him in this way. But it gives us ammunition for future cases against these creeps in Government
    employment. The Prison Workers, Police, and the politicians who pass down the orders must understand that when their trials start it won’t do them any good to say ” I was only obeying orders ”. The Germans said that after WW2 and the usual outcome was [severe]. We won’t be so considerate.

    1. @ s..ducain:

      “Small potatoes” to you perhaps? When was the last time you spent months in solitary confinement? When were you last spit on and not permitted to deflect the spittle?

      It may be “petty” to you, but then you’re not separated from your family are you?
      You’ve not had your life destroyed or your funds taken repeatedly, have you?
      Have your parents been harrassed?
      Your business destroyed?
      Your computers repeatedly taken away?
      Your car trashed?
      Have your been followed and singled out for special treatment?

      Your dismissive response to this Kafkaesque horror – going on right now – is every bit as demoralizing as what is being done to him…

      1. BTW, your plans for addressing the problem of this system-wide corruption sounds like you plan to be in charge of the retribution. Do let us know how that works out for you.

        1. Indeed Dymphna it is a Kafkaesque situation, but
          remember, they could have put Tommy in a cell with
          Moslems inwhich case he might have ended up dead,
          or at least with a free overnight circumcision with a blunt knife. You perhaps have not yet grasped that the time for talk is over, the time for ACTION is here.

      2. “Your………………. is every bit as demoralizing as what is being done to him…”
        i don’t know if he is becoming demoralised, there are plenty of people starting to get angry.

        what goes around comes around.

  5. I still wonder why he, a man well known to the authorities, etc, imagined himself clever enough to use another man’s passport to get to the USA without providing his enemies a clear shot on a platter, one that has now placed him in his current predicament?

    I mean really, was speaking for Pamela Geller in NYC really worth all this?
    Doesn’t sound like it.

    1. Mary, I suspect if it hadn’t been this then it would have been something else. Reading reports of the past few years, I think it is safe to say that the authorities have been determined to put Tommy Robinson behind bars come hell or high water. Yes, he has broken the law, and so must be prosecuted, tried etc. But the issue is the treatment that is being meted out in prison. I would have expected the prison officers to be English and therefore if not in agreement with what Tommy is trying to achieve, at least concerned to ensure that a fellow Englishman is protected from muslim violence and afforded the same rights as other inmates; particularly has he has done nothing to harm anyone, whereas there are many prisoners in our jails (and out – that hook-handed creature for example) who are given preferential treatment, access to their family and friends, special food and so forth. For what he has done, Tommy could in effect be in an open prison since he is not a threat to anyone. On the contrary, his treatment appears to be worse than that for prisoners in Guantanamo, and bordering on the way the USA has treated Bradley Manning (he of the Wikileaks case).

    2. what amazes me is that with all the post 9/11 security, biometrics, retina scan, finger print scan etc., he still just strolled in and strolled out again!

      1. Which humiliation of American immigration and security precautions may explain the severity of his treatment here – not so much punishment as revenge.

        1. the dis-united kingdom; the poodle that is ever ready to crap on its own people every time a USless president claps his hands.

  6. Tommy became too popular and threatening to the socialists in power. They want to maintain the illusion of multiculturalism and non-threatening Islamification of Europe. Tommy spoke from the heart, gave real examples of child grooming gangs, no-go zones, sharia zones, and a double standard of law enforcement. The time to organize and protest is today! Once Muslims become the majority (from multiple offspring), they will use the democratic process to vote in Sharia laws and sensitivities. Europe is doomed to fail as a free society. It’s 17 member EU nations will help to grow the OIC to 74 member nations in the near future.

    1. It’s not multiculturalism! Only ONE culture-political-religious system is aggressively promoted in Europe and Britain: ISLAM.

      It’s reported there are over 100 Islamic sharia law courts in Britain. Even though the British NEVER voted for the POLITICAL-religious system of Islam.

      Sleeping Brits and Europeans had better wake up fast before they suffer the same dreadful fate as Egypt’s Christians who live a daily hell on earth as do the non-Muslims – Hindus, Christians and Sikhs of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

      1. They are trying to maintain the illusion of multi-culturalism. Meanwhile, they bend and pass laws to protect Islamic sensitivities at every turn. Tommy and Kevin Carroll have both pointed out the inequalities of double-standard justice in the UK. Indigenous locals are treated differently than transplanted Muslims who are treated with kid gloves and sensitivity. Anyone who speaks out is labeled an Islamophobe or racist. There is a “white flight” occurring in Britain and Europe at alarming rates. The future does not look good for a free, tolerant, open-minded Europe. Creeping Sharia will continue to stretch its tentacles and strangle anything non-Muslim and Western. It’s only a matter of time before the 17 nations of the EU become united with the 57 nations of the OIC.

        1. There are currently 27 EU member states. The accession of Croatia, which is imminent, is going to make that number 28.

    2. This isn’t about fear of Mohammedans or protection of the despised and discredited multicultural creed so much as fear of the indigenous English working class throwing up popular leaders capable of focusing long simmering resentment into a force for significant political and constitutional change. The ‘U’K authorities are simply trying to scare off any others who may be thinking of following Robinson’s / Lennon’s / Harris’s example, which is why they’ve done the same thing to the EDL second in command.

  7. I’ve known some brave men in my time. I start off by thinking what fools they are and then quickly end up praising God for making them.
    I know it sounds crazy but I feel a multi-dimensional element to his plight and I weep for sorrow and sadness but also my eyes lift up to the heavens and I am filled with wondrous joy that mortals might be so noble as to entice the presence of literal angels. They attend in silent radiant blinding light. Tears stream down my uplifted face not in fear or sadness but in awe of the presence of such wondrous brilliant blinding specters who surely must be attendants of the ultimate Creator of the Universe. I am in awe.
    Of course I would be honored to fight and die beside him.
    Of course I will send him a couple of hundred quid.
    What is the best money order from the U.S. to the Old Bailey?
    Your American Cousin, RGSpencer.

  8. What a beat up his visiting hours are changed ,someone has been spitting at him and its claimed he is a political prisoner.What a lot of [non-credible information]. Lennon is in prison because he broke the law, must be [a person of lesser intelligence] to try using someone else’s passport.

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