Shootout in Prospect

I’m posting the following video and article — which are not really on-topic for us — for two reasons:

1.   It’s a significant news story about an incident that occurred over the weekend in our local area.
2.   I’m fond of stories about parents who defend themselves and their children from deadly predators by exercising their Second Amendment Rights, thereby saving the Commonwealth of Virginia the expense of prosecuting and incarcerating the perpetrators.

Prospect is not all that far away from us. As a matter of interest — surely a coincidence — it lies roughly halfway between the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compounds in Red House and Meherrin (see the previous post). For those who live outside Southside Virginia, it’s on U.S. 460, the main highway from Petersburg to Lynchburg, just west of Farmville.

One thing puzzles me: how could anyone be so stupid as to break into an occupied house in the middle of the night way out in the boonies of Southside Virginia? Anyone who is not brain-dead knows that all the slack-jawed gap-toothed sister-marryin’ hicks out here are ARMED TO THE TEETH.

Well, two of these unfortunate imbeciles will have all of eternity to meditate on their foolishness. The other one was still at large at the time of this news report.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video for me:

Here’s the accompanying article from NBC12 in Richmond:

Two suspects dead, one at large following home invasion

PRINCE EDWARD, VA (WWBT) – Prince Edward sheriff’s deputies are investigating a deadly home invasion that happened early Sunday morning in Prospect. Two of the three suspects are dead, shot by the homeowner in self defense, according to investigators on scene. Meanwhile, the search continues for the third suspect.

This situation began unfolding at about 4:30 a.m. in the 5000 block of Prince Edward Highway, or Route 460. Investigators told NBC12’s Kelly Avellino three unknown men forced their way in the front door of the home, where a man was alone with a 2-year-old child.

According to a press release issued by Sheriff Wesley W. Reed, that man called 911 to report a home invasion and said the suspects were armed. Reed also said gunfire was exchanged between the suspects and the caller.

Authorities said two suspects were pronounced dead at the scene, while the third managed to escape on foot.

We’re told the homeowner and the child were not harmed.

Right now, there is a vague description of that third suspect, who is believed wearing dark clothing. According to Reed, K-9 units tracked the suspect a quarter of a mile west of the crime scene. It was there, investigators say, the suspect is believed to have gotten into a vehicle.

A Virginia State Police spokesperson had previously confirmed to NBC12 they were working with the Prince Edward Sheriff’s Department on this investigation.

The two deceased suspects were transported to the medical examiner’s office for identification and confirmation of cause of death.

Hat tip: JD.

11 thoughts on “Shootout in Prospect

  1. *
    A wonderful story. Some of the best news I heard all day. I feel so very sorry for the 2 year old, I hope he doesn’t have nightmares or bad memories. I hope the dad isn’t prosecuted, like he would be in the UK. As for the 2 monkey scum (based on behavior of course, no race was mentioned anyway), I fervently hope there’s a Hell…

  2. The third suspect is believed to be wearing dark clothing.

    With that detailed discription the community should be well informed enough to protect themselves and help the police if the suspect is seen. Yeah. Right. Okay. Got it.

    The bottom line is that we are all responsible for our own protection. The police will always show up after the fact.

  3. Had those three idiots broken into Piers Morgan’s home they’d still be alive, and we’d all be spared further suffering.

  4. Quote:

    “K-9 units tracked the [third] suspect a quarter of a mile west of the crime scene. It was there, investigators say, the suspect is believed to have gotten into a vehicle.”

    I’m speculating here, but it sounds like UNLESS. . . these three men planned on hauling their loot 1/4 mile up a rural road, @ 4:30 in the morning to make their escape. . . AND. . . as coincidence would have it, the one surviving suspect who actually managed his escape in the darkness to that car just happened to be in possession of the keys to the ignition of that car. . . there may be an additional suspect, a driver who could communicate with the other three.

  5. The lamestream media is up to its usual tricks. This important news story is without any information whatsoever about the dead felons, which might give the neighbors a clue about whom to shoot and not to shoot. Baron, your earlier story about what sources provide credible information rings true. You cannot count on the lamestream media.

    • whirlwinder –

      We know very little based on the media report, but we can make some educated guesses.

      First of all, if the householder were white, and the dead criminals were black, there would automatically be a racial angle to the case, and we would have been given information about the race of the people involved. So we may assume that this was not a case of black criminals shot by a white citizen.

      Secondly, that area has a large African-American population — you’ll notice that the sheriff of Prince Edward County is black. So there is a good probability that the householder is black.

      Crime statistics for the region (the Petersburg to Lynchburg corridor), plus the type of crime, make it likely that the perpetrators were black.

      Therefore, given the demographics, this is most likely a black-on-black crime, which means the media will lose interest in it quickly. The only reason it made the news at all is that it involved a home invasion — that type of crime is so frightening, and preoccupies so many people, that it automatically makes the news.

      If the victims had been black, and the householder white, it would have fit the “narrative” perfectly, with the shooter as a racist NRA gun nut while the dead guys were misguided and underprivileged young etc blah yak.

      If the criminals had been white and the householder black, the MSM could have painted them as meth-crazed white supremacist hillbilly gangsters or some such. But definitely EVIL racist whites.

      As it is, it’s almost certainly black criminals, black homeowner. Boring. Not news. Let’s move on.

      All of the above is pure speculation, of course. I don’t have any more information than what’s in the video and article. I’d have to talk to my friends in Farmville — you can be sure they know exactly what’s going on.

  6. G-d bless the second amendment. This is what it was meant for, and is the reason why law abiding Americans buy guns: not to go around on murder sprees, but because when the Police comes it will be to drag your corpse out (or or families’ corpses) instead of the murderers’.

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