Satan With a Tail

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated part of a broadcast aired by NRK (Norwegian state broadcaster) on Søndagsrevyen (the Sunday evening news) on February 10. The piece is unusual for the Norwegian MSM in its clear look at the raging anti-Semitism of the Palestinian media, which receive substantial funding from Norway, among many other Western donors.

The translator includes this note:

Torgeir Larsen, who is interviewed in the clip, wrote an op-ed translated for GoV last November.

Larsen wants to combat groups that promote ‘hate speech’ in Europe, but has no qualms about financially supporting hate speech and terrorism in the Middle East. Does he see the irony here. Somehow I doubt it.

And we also know the official Norwegian position on Palestinian terrorism. The Norwegian ambassador to Israel made that position very clear just days after the massacre at Utøya:

Svein Sevje said in an Israeli newspaper interview Tuesday that while the Norwegian bomb and gun rampages that killed 76 people and Palestinian attacks should both be considered morally unacceptable, he wanted to “outline the similarity and the difference in the two cases.”

Palestinians, the ambassador told Maariv, “are doing this because of a defined goal that is related to the Israeli occupation. There are elements of revenge against Israel and hatred of Israel. To this you can add the religious element to their actions.”

“In the case of the terror attack in Norway, the murderer had an ideology that says that Norway, particularly the Labor Party, is forgoing Norwegian culture,” Sevje said, referring to suspect Anders Breivik, a Christian nativist who is openly anti-Islam and anti-immigration.

It explains things rather well.

Many thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:48   It is early morning in Jerusalem.
00:52   At the Wailing Wall in the old city Orthodox Jews have started their prayer.
01:04   Jewish children are hurrying off to school.
01:12   Meanwhile, a few blocks away in the old town. The Palestinian, Ahmad
01:16   and his sons open up his store. The bird Kena is ready
01:20   for a new day in the shop. Two peoples, two worlds,
01:24   only meters away from each other, but separated by a hatred that we find
01:28   very difficult to understand. Where did it come from?
01:32   What do you want to perform, Laila? This is Palestinian children’s TV
01:36   financed and partly controlled by the Palestinian Authority,
01:40   which annually receives large sums of money from Norway.
01:44   Our wars were for the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Our enemy Zion is Satan with a tail.
01:52   We are tired of being separated, while other people are being reunited.
01:56   Bravo! Bravo! Who is that man?
02:00   Awad Awad.
02:04   Employees of Palestinian Media Watch in Jerusalem are monitoring a TV broadcast from
02:08   Palestinian television. Politically, the organization is positioned to the right
02:12   side of Israeli politics. The purpose is to document what kind of values
02:16   Palestinian TV and newspapers disseminate to their own people.
02:20   Nan Zilberdik from Denmark says that the demonization
02:24   occurs on a large scale.
02:28   It is the general message that we document, and not isolated incidents
02:32   in order to make it look extreme.
02:36   I think Norwegian and other leaders will be surprised to hear
02:40   what the Palestinians they talk to about the peace process actually say in Arabic.
02:48   This is from a documentary from Palestinian TV earlier this year about the Jews.
02:56   Faced with the Jewish plans Europe simply couldn’t cope with their traits,
03:00   monopolies, corruption and control of the promotion within the state organizations.
03:05   Most European nations felt that it had become a burden to provide shelter for the Jews.
03:12   Later the Jews managed to create the Balfour Declaration
03:15   (the British support for the creation of a Jewish homeland)
03:18   and Europe saw this as an ideal solution to get rid of them.
03:25   Palestinian Media Watch has published a book about what is being
03:29   broadcast in the media controlled by the Palestinian Authority.
03:33   NRK has asked the Holocaust Center at Bygdøy to evaluate this material.
03:37   There are certain very distinct anti-Semitic traits and these are found in this conflict situation.
03:41   The images of the others are greatly exaggerated.
03:45   An image of the enemy which is being used to demonize the Jewish state.
03:49   What is there that is anti-Semitic about it?
03:53   It ‘s the old stereotypes that you find in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
03:57   If what is written there actually occurred, whether it’s a real book and not a falsification.
04:05   That the Jews are working in secret to achieve world domination.
04:09   This is Palestinian TV. This is where they edited the TV programs.
04:13   How does a TV channel defend a message that can occasionally come across as demonization?
04:17   Here are some examples:
04:21   Israel is torturing and stealing organs from Palestinian prisoners.
04:24   Israel poisoned Yasser Arafat and the Israelis
04:27   are deliberately supplying drugs to Palestinian youths.
04:30   The management believes that these claims are well documented,
04:33   and that’s why they reiterate them.
04:37   The overall charge of demonization and anti-Semitism is dismissed.
05:13   He tells us that sometimes when they have live broadcasts
05:17   which make it impossible to control the message that can appear demonizing,
05:21   but that they try to correct that afterwards.
05:25   How widespread are the attitudes about the Jews and Israel
05:29   that Palestinian television is helping to disseminate?
05:33   Søndagsrevyen (Sunday evening news) visited Palestinians in the West Bank to find out.
05:37   The first stop is the Palestinian capital Ramallah.
05:41   It turns out that the patrons at the first cafe table we come across have just been talking
05:45   about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
06:09   The ‘Protocols’ is a one hundred-year-old text with ‘evidence’
06:13   that the Jews plan to take over the world. It’s a forgery aimed at discrediting Jews.
06:17   But at this particular cafe table the world’s most famous
06:21   anti-Semitic text is accepted as truth.
06:42   The idea of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world
06:46   is also alive and well at the next-door cafe in Ramallah.
06:50   The Protocols of the Elders of Zion does exist.
06:54   The information from history and the media proves it.
07:05   Palestinian television has special programs for prisoners
07:08   serving prison sentences for terrorism in Israel.
07:11   The prisoners are being glorified.
07:18   We dedicate the program to our brothers and the heroic Nasser Awais.
07:22   Nasser Awais has been given 14 life sentences for planning
07:25   a terror attack in which 13 civilians were killed.
07:27   On Palestinian TV he is being praised.
07:30   The Arab food specialty falafel is being cooked in Jericho.
07:34   We came here with a single question, is it morally correct to honor people
07:38   who have been convicted of killing Israeli civilians, Jews?
07:42   Of course, as we see it, it is a duty to become a martyr.
07:46   The Zionists see them as terrorists. But this view is contrary to Islam.
07:55   We went to Hebron with the same question:
07:59   it is appropriate to honor martyrs?
08:03   This 17-year-old is adamant. Yes, the Jews came to Palestinian land.
08:07   The clothes salesman at the corner is equally adamant.
08:11   We honor our martyrs because Israel has put us under occupation.
08:18   Since 2008 Norway has given the Palestinian Authority
08:21   more than NoK 300 million a year in budgetary support.
08:24   The Palestinian Authority finances and partly controls Palestinian television.
08:31   The State Secretary has read the material from Palestinian Media Watch.
08:35   There are examples of obvious expressions of hatred in this book.
08:43   There are also examples of anti-Semitism that exists in the Palestinian society.
08:51   But these are examples, and it is also important for me to emphasize
08:55   that those who have put together these examples, I do not doubt the content,
08:59   part of an ongoing political battle landscape.
09:03   This is an arena of battle and it has been for a long time.
09:07   He says that Norway has discussed it with the Palestinian Authority
09:11   but that it isn’t necessary to withdraw Norwegian financial support,
09:14   which helps to build Palestinian institutions.
09:17   So what about the Israeli media?
09:20   Aren’t they also guilty of portraying the Palestinians as basically evil people?
09:23   He is a Middle Eastern expert and he follows the Israeli media closely.
09:27   In mainstream media, I would say that it almost never occurs
09:30   at least not that I can remember, and I’ve been
09:33   reading Hebrew newspapers for more than 16 years now.
09:36   And I cannot remember that there have been any such things on the radio,
09:39   television or in major newspapers. He says that hate message from Israeli media
09:42   does exist, but then in the settlers’ own media and media
09:45   which is positioned to the right of Israeli politics.
09:48   This is a view that is supported by other sources
09:51   that NRK has been in contact with.
09:55   Would you say that there exist clear parallels in Israeli society when it comes to hate messages
09:59   and demonization against Palestinians from Israelis, i.e. that it is a similar situation?
10:03   It ‘s different. You have clear hate messages also on the Israeli side,
10:07   but Israel is a far more advanced society.
10:11   The ability to critically analyze the sources is far superior in the Israeli press.
10:20   The MSM is far better in Israel.
10:24   Our enemy is Zion, Satan with a tail.
10:28   Children grow up learning that Jews are Satan with a tail.
10:32   The Prophet says that we should fight the Jews and kill them.
10:36   Adults are told that Jews are evil and can’t be trusted.
10:40   Perhaps it’s not surprising that the hatred keeps growing.
10:44   The Messenger is an authority which receives large sums of money from Norway.

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  2. I hope Norway has no diplomatic standing in Israel.
    I hope they never had one, from the formation of the nation. From Jews, they deserve NOTHING!
    And they should be thankful for it.

  3. “Breivik, a Christian nativist who is openly anti-Islam and anti-immigration.”

    Tells me everything I need to know.

    Christian “nativists” are the enemy, and the soldiers of allah will come to help him to destroy this enemy.

    Larsen won’t like the Norway he hopes to bring about.

    • “Christian” nativist? Doesn’t this Lars understand that Islam considers Christianity to be a Religion of the Book, and therefore, not the chief enemy? Are muslims really that useful as attack dog for atheists?

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