Norway, Hypocrisy, and Palestinian Terrorism

To be fair, Norway holds no monopoly on hypocrisy when it comes to the funding of Palestinian terrorism. Most Western nations provide generous ongoing financial support for the Palestinian Authority. Since money is fungible, the diversion of PA funds to Islamic terrorists makes the West directly complicit in attacks that target Israeli civilians.

However, no government is more high-minded and self-righteous in its foreign policy that that of Norway. In the essay below, our Norwegian correspondent The Observer summarizes some of the source material that describes the fetid pools into which Norwegian aid flows — and exactly what kind of bang Norway gets for its holier-than-thou buck.

The Norwegian funding of terrorism
By The Observer

Palestinian Media Watch has a very interesting article (hat tip Tundra Tabloids) about payments by the Palestinian Authority to convicted Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons. The article from PMW clearly shows that money from foreign donor nations such as the UK and Norway is being used to ‘honour’ convicted terrorists for their ‘sacrifice’ and ‘noble’ acts — i.e. terrorist crimes committed against Israeli civilians. The PA is quite open about this fact.

It’s also a very fascinating, considering that Norwegian State Secretary Torgeir Larsen — who was interviewed in the clip ‘Satan with a tail’ featured recently at Gates of Vienna — stated in the interview and later on his twitter page that Norwegian financial aid did not end up in the pockets of Palestinian terrorists.

The information in the PMW article clearly contradicts his statement and proves that this isn’t the case, which means that Torgeir Larsen is either deliberately lying or blissfully ignorant of known facts.

It is impossible to see the Norwegian financial aid as anything but terrorist funding or rewards for acts of terrorism, as potential Palestinian terrorists have to be aware of the fact that the PA will look after them and their families financially if they decide to carry out acts of violence inside Israel or against Israeli targets. This is a powerful incentive to commit terror, especially if the person given this offer nurtures a strong hatred towards Israel and the Jews.

In light of recent events in Norway, the 22/7 attacks, and the Norwegian Government’s active attempts to stifle peaceful conservative blogs and organizations — who they wrongfully claim ‘glorify’ or indirectly ‘encourage/instigate’ ‘right-wing extremists’ to carry out new ‘Breivik-like’ terrorist attacks from expressing themselves — such behaviour from the Norwegian authorities can only be construed as blatant hypocrisy and a double standard, as they themselves through their highly generous financial donations to the PA help aid and abet terrorism, which they so vehemently allege that they abhor.

Norway would find any financial payments issued to ABB by foreign governments to be offensive, so why then do they make similar payments to Palestinian terrorists?

And does it really matter that the bulk of the Norwegian payments are spent on humanitarian projects if some of it goes to finance terror?

The knowledge that some of the money goes to facilitate terrorism should be enough to stop this financial aid altogether. If Torgeir Larsen and his colleagues have any decency they should do everything in their power to oppose this travesty.

For a detailed report, with links to PDFs containing source data, see Palestinian Media Watch.

7 thoughts on “Norway, Hypocrisy, and Palestinian Terrorism”

  1. They’re the very best kind of useful idiot, and, no doubt, will be the first country to have their native race systematically eliminated once they’ve aided their Muslim “allies” into power.
    Stupid is as stupid does, and as cowards and collaborators of evil, they will be no great loss.

  2. The native race won’t be systematically eliminated. At least the women will be used for breeding little muslims. Although the Norwegian Y-chromosome may reduced in prevalence, it is likely that the increased birth rate will mean more copies of the Norwegian autosomal DNA.
    On the other hand, if Norway would return to its ancestral Viking ways, the immigrant women would be used for breeding little Heathens.

  3. There is a part in the ‘Fallout 3′ game in the Tennypenny tower: the inhabitants are all human, sheltered and secure from the nuclear apocalypse and they won’t accept intelligent ghouls as tenants because they (the tenants) are ‘ghoulophobic’.

    The game has some decision choices, but if you help the ghouls, later you’ll see that the humans in the tower have disappeared.

    Every time I play it (I’m a ‘Fallout’ fan) I think of Norway (but if you tilt towards the ghouls you get a cool mask).

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