“Learn From the Mistakes That We Made in Europe”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party For Freedom in the Netherlands, will go on a speaking tour of Australia next week. In advance of his visit Down Under, Mr. Wilders was interviewed from the Hague on Australian TV. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

A full transcript is available at the ABC TV website.

13 thoughts on ““Learn From the Mistakes That We Made in Europe””

  1. The Fact that Geert’s life is in very real danger, that he’s followed by numerous security for every minute of his life, and has to sleep in safe houses every week, only proves what he’s saying is correct.

  2. Oh Tony Jones! Educate yourself before doing such interviews. You came off as an absolute moron. You are nothing but a ‘useful liberal pc idiot’ who can’t see the wood for the trees. Go live in Lakemba for a month and see if you still disagree with Wilders. Please do it!

    1. It seems that the Labor Party favors more Muslim immigration, reasoning that that means more votes for Labor in the short run, never mind if it destroys the country in the long run.

      I searched “Buddhist Crime In NSW”, and only got a case of some arsonist torched a Buddhist temple (Buddhists were the VICTIMS, not the perps).

      I searched “Jewish Crime In NSW”, and again, Jews are VICTIMS of growing anti-Semitic attacks, not perps.

      I searched “Christian Crime In NSW”, and got reference to Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club, some guys in suits and ties who want to “help the motorcycle community and those on the fringes of society”, no perps.

      I searched “Muslim Crime In NSW”, and found there’s so much of that that they’ve had to form something called the MEOCS (Middle Eastern Organized Crime Squad of the NSW Police). Lots of criminals, and they have some support from non-criminals too, it seems. One story was titled “Muslims condemn move by NSW Police to put MEOCS in charge of gun crime investigations”.

      Geert is right; Tony Jones is wrong.

    2. Jones KNOWS that he is a ”useful idiot”, he is doing this for money and doesn’t care what people think of him . He is just another whore.

  3. To those who are not in the know, the Australian ABC, although government funded, is an overtly left wing entity and Tony Jones’ (the interviewer) politics are just a little bit left of Karl Marx. (I’m sure if he could ever interview Karl Marx, he would certianly introduce him as a far right wing extremist)

    By the usual standards of this station, this is a very balanced interview. However strange that may sound and Geert did the exact right thing by calling attention to how wrong Jones by saying “again you are wrong”. More people need to do this to these lefty talking heads.

  4. If the whole world is dependent on muslim oil, why does only Europe have muslim immigrants? If only Europe is dependent on muslim oil, why doesn’t Europe understand that in that case muslims are dependent on Europe buying it? In this age, Europe doesn’t have anything to lose, muslims have a lot to lose.

  5. What is absolutely mind boggling is how socialists, politically incorrect talking heads like Tony Jones are clueless about statistics. At last count, the European Union has 17 member countries. The OIC has 57 which is over THREE times that of the EU. So why the hell would Western nations want to increase OIC membership to 74? Geert should drive home the point that immigrants and dual citizens who commit crimes have 57 choices where to be deported if not to their country of origin. Furthermore, any Sharia practicing, radical Muslim has 57 choices as well. Send them all packing to these lovely, tolerant, multicultural paradises. Tony Jones should take a tour as well to see what is coming down the road to Australia.

  6. I used to be extremely worried about reports that Europe would be Muslim-majority by the end of the century. I’m still worried, but recently I’ve been hearing that Muslim reproduction rates are falling very fast, and that the Muslim percentage of Europe will PEAK at 10% around 2050, even with continued immigration. Anyone have any hard data for or against this? The same projections said the U.S. would peak at about 2% of the population being Muslim. Only 2%!

    Example. Today’s typical Iranian woman gives birth to like 1.7 children. Her mother gave birth to 7 children. That’s the fastest recorded drop in history, according to Spengler, aka Goldman. And 1.7 children per woman is of course below the replacement rate of 2.1. Other Muslim groups are not that far behind Iran. But there are still some Muslim groups — I think Pakistanis in UK — who are having lots of kids.

    Another example. We’ve all heard how the most common baby name in some European countries is some variant of Muhammad. When you hear that, you might think, OMG, one-third or more of all babies in Europe must be Muslim! But according to what I’ve read, even though the most common baby name is one or another variant of Muhammad, those Muhammad and Ahmed, etc. babies are still only like 1% of all babies in those countries!

    I would be tremendously relieved to hear that the Muslim population of Europe, under current trends, will peak at 10% or below. But is it true?

    Getting decent, solidly based projections on that question is essential.

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