EU: The Norwegian Zakat

As a follow-up to the previous post, our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends this brief report on the Norwegian contribution to the EU’s commonweal, even though Norway is not a member of the Union:

I just finished reading your article about the EU membership states’ annual monetary contributions to the EU. I suppose we always knew that the northern European countries were the main financial contributors and the southern and eastern states the recipients.

I just wanted to add a fact to the equation that some probably aren’t aware of: Norway, a non-EU member state, forks out enormous sums of money to the EU in its capacity as an EEA member (European Economic Area).

According to newspaper sources Norway contributes more on a per capita basis than France and Italy. The annual financial EU-dhimmi tax from Norway is approximately 3.5 billion NoK (approx €473,000,000) which comes out at roughly €89 per citizen.

Who knows? With the way things are going, Norway’s financial contributions are probably going to increase drastically.

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