The Proposed Regulation of the Media in the EU

JLH has translated a brief article from Junge Freiheit about the recently proposed initiative to stifle what remains of independent media in the EU:

The EU Wants Control Over the Media

Berlin. The EU Commission is planning to take control of the media in the EU. For a long time, this has been the responsibility of the individual states. A report presented on Monday contains several suggestions for how the EU Commission should unify national laws and regulate the media.

The 51-page paper entitled “Free and Pluralistic Media for a Sustainable European Democracy” analyzes the situation of the media in individual states. Legislation in this political arena is still a matter for the individual states. The authors, including former Lithuanian president Varla Vike-Freiberga and former German attorney-general Hertha Däubler-Gmelin (SPD), think that should change.

Murdoch and Berlusconi in the Cross-Hairs?

For instance, they criticize the high concentration of media in several countries. This is probably aimed at media groups such as Axel Springer or Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset. They are clearly against the research methods of Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, which they consider a “corrupting influence on society.” The developments they cite are “challenges to diversity of opinion”, and the EU intends to deal with them. The authors also demand more news reports on European matters. For these and other purposes, the study suggests several forms of redistribution. For instance, a state subsidy is required from media such as those mentioned above. This is essential to create what they call pluralism. This applies both to overstepping media corporations and journalists who deal with subjects that push the envelope. They will all be rewarded for that by the EU. The relevant laws must be harmonized.

New media councils to be created in the individual countries would take over supervision of the suggested measures, and these councils would in turn act under the authority of the EU constitutional rights agency in Vienna.

4 thoughts on “The Proposed Regulation of the Media in the EU

  1. They are trying to co-ordinate total control of Europe by the EU, and the complete collapse of the US, orchestrated by Obama, the star pupil of the Globalist Elite such as Rothschild and Rockerfeller. Obama is spending as if there was no tomorrow, turning as high a proportion of the US population into state-dependant Welfare and Food Stamp recipients as is possible. At the same time he is attempting to both disarm the entire productive White middle and working classes, and to continue and increase a full-scale tax-attack against middle class Americans. His aim is to turn the entire population into compliant and easily controllable drones and to control them with a few million Police, Army, Civil Servants and approved politicians. Above this Orwellian set up will sit 5 or 6 unnamed Globalist bankers who will have total control over the money supply and will in effect rule the country. This can only be fought with totallly dedicated
    ruthlessness and organisation.

  2. I think it’s worth noting that nobody, except me, has commented on this item. Perhaps because it’s what all of us were expecting. Ho-hummmm…

  3. I am so glad that we don’t have to do this here. In the US, the media and the government are already fully integrated. I just want to pinch myself.

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