Sharia-Based Censorship in the Belgian MSM

Our polyglot correspondent Hermes sends along a brief translation from a Belgian news site, accompanied by this note:

I was reading an article in French at a Belgian online magazine, a short article dealing with child trafficking and pornography in Belgium, and I stumbled upon a very interesting comment made by a reader, a comment regarding Islam and freedom of expression in the Belgian MSM.

This issue is now reaching paranoid levels. But nevertheless, it seems that it was only the persistent behavior of the commenter that prompted editors to allow this comment to be published.

The translated comment from:

Pornography, begging and small-scale crime: children are exploited in Belgium

Jan 25 2013 12:17pm

Posted by JRTLL

[Expletive], censored again.

I have just asked after having taken a look at the photo whether begging is allowed in the Koran, for as far as I know the richest ones give to the poorest ones, so people with headscarves should not be begging the way we see them in masses… what was wrong in what I said? It is enough to pronounce the word “Arab”, “Koran”, “Muslim”, and one gets banned. What kind of magazine is this?

2 thoughts on “Sharia-Based Censorship in the Belgian MSM

  1. Islam is responsible for so many of the world’s ills but in this case I suspect that the writer has mistaken headscarf-wearing East European Roma (or Gypsies) for Muslims. The former group contains a large number number of beggars, often headscarf-wearing women holding babies (who often don’t even belong to that woman). These people are members of organised begging gangs. They are not usually Muslims.

  2. The researchers on Islam are guilty of exactly the same thing that they themselves used to accuse other Western intellectuals of: namely, constructing a story using selective facts, unfounded generalizations and tendentious language to serve a particular political purpose. By actively beautifying reality the discipline has engineered a type of social research that doesn’t convince with its rationality, but rather with its rhetoric.

    Well, I think the problem with the West is the change in their attitude that has been wrought in them over the last 50 years. As Jane Austen says, ” man is servile.” Muslims are violent. So the “civilized” west appeases them. But that is not going to end the problem, as history has shown. Either you defeat the enemy or the enemy will defeat you. There is no middle way as Jack London says, in Call of the Wild.

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