Hope Fading for Norwegians Missing at In Amenas

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends this quick update on the five Norwegians who were taken hostage during the terrorist attack in Algeria and are still unaccounted for.

Translated from today’s Aftenbladet:

Foreign ministry (UD): “Unlikely to find survivors”

According to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry it’s unlikely to find any survivors from the terrorist attack and hostage situation at In Amenas in Algeria.

“We have been informed by Algerian authorities that they are still searching the gas plant, but that they are no longer searching for survivors. They are looking for, among other things, undetonated explosives,” says Veslemøy Lothe Salvesen, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, to NTB [Norwegian Telegraph Bureau].

According to Lothe Salvesen the Foreign Ministry has requested a formal confirmation from Algerian authorities when the search has been concluded, and adds that they have as of yet not received any such confirmation.

The task of identifying the dead after the hostage situation is still continuing in Algiers. “Representatives from Kripos are working on this task in Algiers. They are still examining the group of deceased that they have been given access to,” says Lothe Salvesen.

Statoil will release this information when the process of identifying the victims has been completed. The Foreign Ministry and Kripos will not make any further comments until the names of the victims have been released.

Five Norwegians are still officially unaccounted for after the terrorist attack last week.

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