Bringing Up Mohammed

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated and abbreviated an article published last Wednesday by NRK concerning the latest statistics on the most popular baby names in Oslo and environs.

There are no surprises here — this is pretty much a “dog bites man” story in Modern Multicultural Norway:

For the third consecutive year Mohammed is the most popular boys’ name among newborns in the capital [Oslo].

In 2012, 109 boys were given the name Mohammed. That’s one more than the previous year. Seventy-six girls were given the name Sofia.

For the third year in a row Mohammed has been the most popular name in Oslo, and last year it was also the most popular boys’ name in Lørenskog and Nittedal [municipalities bordering Oslo].

But despite being the most popular name in the capital, the name that can be spelled countless different ways is not the most popular name on a national level. That distinction was given to Nora and Lucas, which were the most popular names in Norway in 2012.

One thought on “Bringing Up Mohammed

  1. I f they go ‘on the nod’ with the Mohamed Factor so high, they can always shoot up some junk, what a rush Yo¡ It is said Oslo is the heroin capital of Europe. Maybe that explains certain things happening over there

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